ClassDojo the fun way to communicate with your child’s teacher


ClassDojo has made the entire process of communication with your child’s teacher far more easier and fun. It has definitely revolutionized the way that you can communicate with the classroom community, students, and teacher. It also helps encourage participation and teamwork.

ClassDojo does what normal email or telephone calls can do in regards to communicating but on a more effective level. A phone call and email are great for communicating but can be time-consuming, especially for a teacher that often has 30+ students in their class. This can be a real challenge for a teacher that already has a lot on their plate. Often the priorities in the communication go to the students that are misbehaving. Not anymore. With ClassDojo the app actually makes it very easy for the entire process of communication to work and flow with the touch of a button.

Students are awarded Dojo Points when they are demonstrating positive behavior. This can be in regards to their study habits, teamwork and much more. When the teacher sees this they can reward the students these Dojo Points that encourage this type of behavior. This process is also automatically communicated with the parents as well. The teachers often turn around and exchange these Dojo Points for rewards such as a party or toy. The same is true as well when the student is misbehaving they can lose points. The behavior might not have been bad enough to contact the parents but the process is still seen by the parents so that they can talk to their child and help motivate them to get back on the right track.

The app has tons of features in addition to that. It allows the teacher to show pics and videos of the class too. This is a great way for the parents to become more involved with the child and help lift up and encourage the child in their success. Check out the app or talk with your child’s teacher today to find out more.