Christie’s Rant – Christie’s End


Christie’s rant on Rubio may have had a part in his disappointing showing in New Hampshire. New Hampshire should have been Christie’s big bounce if he was going to have one; however, the voters chose not to support the New Jersey Governor. In his piece about Governor Rauner, Jon Urbana drew parallels to this situation.

This leaves the question in all of our minds if his rant and vicious attack on Marco Rubio pushed voters away from him. Today, Christie suspended his campaign after receiving only six percent of the vote in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. It seems that his push to show how inexperienced Rubio is actually may have shown voters that he himself is the one who doesn’t appear very presidential.

So, we are left with fewer candidates as we move to South Carolina and to the next debate. I for one am happy not to be subjected to such premeditated attacks during the next debate. Christie’s main goal was to take Rubio down. He may very well have wounded Rubio, but he seemed to take down his own campaign in the process. Maybe the other candidates will learn a lesson from this and stick to what their plan is for the country instead of degrading others in the race.