Chris Christie Wants to Take Another Look at NAFTA


NAFTA, or the North American Free Trade Agreement was championed as a huge step in opening up trade between Canada, the United States and Mexico. As the only three nations in North America, it seemed very important for the three countries to have strong trade relationships with one another. However, it has had an adverse affect in many ways as well. NAFTA has made it that much easier for corporations to move production to Mexico, where production is cheaper. This has actually resulted in hundreds of thousands of lost jobs moving away form Canada and the United States and into Mexico. Now, two decades after the creation of NAFTA, it seems as though many individuals inside of the United States wants some changes to the agreement.

NAFTA went into affect on December 8, 1993 under President Bill Clinton. While many have gone on to blame other presidents, specifically the Date President Bush and, to a lesser extent, President Obama for the jobs that have left the United States to go to Mexico and for allowing loopholes in the system for this to work. The fact of the matter is these leaving jobs are due to NAFTA, which came about due to Clinton signing the agreement into law (he also signed into law the housing agreement that forced banks into providing mortgages to home buyers who could not afford them, causing both the housing and financial crisis nearly a decade later). Now, many politicians are calling for a new look into the bill.

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