Chris Christie Criticized for Ebola Quarantine Policy


Health officials are coming down hard on Chris Christie regarding his mandatory quarantine policy in New Jersey. He doesn’t seem to care, though, and is sticking to his guns. has updated information on the ebola crisis.

While there’s a lot of scrutiny in the media regarding this issue, the public seems to side with Christie. A recent TODAY Show poll showed that more than 90% of people feel there should be a mandatory quarantine for health workers returning from countries where they worked directly with people who had ebola.

The New Jersey quarantine began when Amber Vinson, a nurse from Texas who recently returned to the U.S. after working with ebola patients, was quarantined despite testing negative for the disease; Vinson has since been released. Amber was upset at the quarantine and at the conditions in which she was forced to stay, posting photos of the room and threatening to sue. New York has similar policies, although they’re not currently as extreme as Christie’s. Currently, a five year old boy in NYC is being held at a hospital for study despite also testing negative for ebola.

There’s much debate over how to quarantine people who are returning from working with ebola patients and the CDC has recently released updated regulations concerning how to monitor people who have been exposed to the disease.  One thing is for sure, Stephen Williams has plenty of wine, so I’ll hole up with him if this whole Ebola thing goes south haha.

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