Charles Koch Agrees With Bernie Sanders On The Aftermath Of A Rigged Economy


On his recent Washington post, Koch has shown to agree with Sanders about; how the economy has continued to hurt everyone else apart from the few business people and politicians. There is too much inequality in the United States right now according to Koch. Sanders see the society as being two tiered where corporations seek to benefit from the corporate welfare where fellow citizens are lavishing in poverty and hopelessness. Common citizens have been often denied equal opportunities and Koch seems to agree with this opinion but not in contempt with the solution that Sanders is offering.

Charles Koch thinks that the solution to this inequality lies in the policies that both Democrats and republicans have favored to their interests instead of pushing for their enactment in favor of the citizens. This has created a cycle of control, cronyism, and dependency in the United States that the business people are also liable of. They have continuously pushed for policies favoring their interests but making the citizens poorer, platform for opportunities are also not equal. The wealthy and the well-connected have the lavish lifestyle.

Charles Koch has for a long time avoided the media limelight despite being among the wealthiest folks in the United States. In the year 2014, he was ranked number 9 in the list of wealthy folks. Charles Koch has been the president of Koch Industries with his brothers; lists of industries that are family owned and have been manufacturing environmental friendly commodities to avoid pollution. The industries have been producing high revenue for the United States though the manufacture of fossil fuels. He has been a liberal thinker long enough to donate for environmental policy formation and education by giving scholarships to the needy students. He has also funded foundations, advocacy groups that promote anti-government views.

Bernie thinks that the solution to this inequality is through a wall street that will add new regulations, but Koch is not for it. The expansion of federal governments is what Koch thinks that led to inequality in the first place hence cannot create a solution. He sees Wall Street as part of the inequality in itself but agrees that the criminal justice needs to have a reformation. Koch intends to see a change in the politics of the United States and he opposes all corporate welfares. Charles, however, did not show a sign of supporting Sanders on his political campaign despite the support of his view. The Koch brothers have been on to fund those political campaigns that are supportive of democracy and helpful policies that will promote economic justice.

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