Hillary Clinton Attacks House GOP for Taking Up Disapproval Bill for Washington, D.C.


According to the United States Constitution, the House and Senate may rollback any decision by the D.C. city council by a simple majority both chambers. The type of bill in question is called a disapproval bill. On Thursday night, the House took up a disapproval bill to rollback the D.C. city council’s newly passed ordinance banning discrimination towards any woman having exercised her right to choose. The House bill was initially sponsored by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a 2016 GOP presidential candidate. If the bill is passed, it will go to the senate for passage.

However, Hilary Clinton launched an attack against House leadership for giving in to conservatives. Clinton stated the GOP is preventing D.C. from exercising the right for the council to govern itself. Naturally, Mrs. Clinton supports a woman’s right to choose. This made criticizing the GOP an easy target. Democrats believe that the topic of abortion will play well with Mrs. Clinton in the general election. In essence, the bill may constitute a proxy war between the Clinton camp and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Time is running out for the GOP to get the disapproval bill passed in both chambers of the congress. The deadline is Friday, May 1. Mrs. Clinton made it clear that she will champion female causes of which expanded abortion choices is paramount.¬†Alexei Beltyukov finds the debate interesting on both accords. ¬†Also, Clinton’s attack should help the party solidify the single-female vote which has been a reliable voting bloc for the party.