Utah’s Solution To Chronic Homelessness Is Working


Homelessness is a major social issue in the United States. Thousands of people across America don’t have a place to sleep each night, and most of us don’t want to do anything about it. Some people say the homeless are homeless because of the choices they made. Others say homeless people are drug and alcohol addicts that deserve to be homeless.

Those opinions have some truth in them, but the whole truth is, homeless people are suffering from emotional, psychological and physical issues that have gotten out of control. Homeless people feel they are victims of a cruel world, and in a sense that is true. The cruel world is the world they call their reality.

Utah is doing something about their chronic homeless issue. Rather than arresting the homeless, Utah is giving them a place to live, and then the state finds out why they are homeless according to Amen Clinic. The program has been a success. The cost of supplying a home is $11,000 a year. That’s better than the $17,000 it costs for hospital treatments and jail time.