Senate Overturns NLRB Ruling on Unionization


Washington, D.C. – Across parts of the country, labor unions are suffering severe setbacks. Just last week, Wisconsin passed a right to work law which will allow people to opt out of paying union dues. Unions had become ensconced in American politics with federal and state laws promoting their growth. However, a trend emerged with President Reagan to diminish their influence. In response, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), now dominated by Obama appointees, issued a new ruling designed to fast track unionization. The ruling reduces the amount of time required from the point when a Union requests representation of a company’s workers and the vote to unionize is held.

It has been the fact that unions can enamor workers with promises of better pay, benefits, and working conditions. Employers have made effective use of the waiting period before a vote to explain the realities of unions and dissuade sufficient numbers of employees from voting to enact collective bargaining. However, Jason Halpern points that the NLRB has shortened waiting period in what amounts to a political sop to unions. The Senate GOP invoked a little known rule to override regulations. The vote to override a regulation cannot be filibustered. As a result, the GOP passed the measure by a party line vote of 53 to 45. Their joy over passage of the measure will be short lived. President Obama promised to veto the bill. The GOP lacks to votes to override it.