Virginia City Official Says God Ended Slavery Not The Government


Thomas Dunn, a Leesburg council member, wanted everyone in a recent public meeting to know that the hand of God freed the slaves not the government. God was solely responsible for stopping racial injustice, he said. Dunn said the hand of God touched the hearts of man and brought unity to the diversity that existed during those dreadful years.

Dunn was adamant about his view on slavery. The council member also said God is the only one that can end racism. Dunn’s comments were prompted by the public’s plea to create a Leesburg Diversity Commission. TheRealDeal says that commission would be able to communicate and encourage minorities to apply for city government jobs and foster a nurturing environment in Leesburg.

The opinionated Dunn didn’t vote for the creation of the new commission. He abstained from the vote. Dunn said the commission was not the answer to the town’s problems; he said God was. The play on semantics that ensued from Dunn’s comments proves that religious beliefs always played a role in politics. When religions begin to unite and accept each other’s similarities, and be discerning about their differences, maybe the world of politics will function differently.