The Citadel Group Continues Unique Growth


The Citadel group is known as being one of the largest global finance institutions in the world. Since 1990, the company has operated as two businesses, Citadel, a positive asset manager and Citadel Securities, an equity options and equities firm. Citadel has the unique distinction of being one of only three hedge funds in the world still in existence over a 20 year span.

Known for its reputation of continued investment performance, Citadel manages the assets of some of the world’s largest investors and investment vehicles, including pensions, sovereign wealth funds and university endowments. The company employs more than 1,400 people, and is headquartered in Chicago with various offices located through Asia, Europe and North America.

Citadel Securities, an offshoot company, was established in 2002, and provides equity investing solutions and trade execution options to institutional and retail clients. The company has an extreme emphasis on automation that allows it more reliable trading at lower costs. Barron’s magazine ranked Citadel number one in price improvements for investors” in both non-S&P and S&P 500 shares.

Citadel manages over $26 billion in assets, and is one of the largest financial managing companies in the world. It is the 11th largest manager of hedge funds in the world, and acts as one of the biggest global hedge funds. They cover five unique investment strategies, including commodities, equities, quantitative strategies, credit and fixed income investements.

Citadel’s president, Ken Griffin has helped the firm grow into one of the biggest alternative investment firms in the world. Griffith began his investment career while still attending Harvard University, where he began a hedge fund that was focused on bond arbitrage. With $265,000, the fund, started in 1986, realized a profit and his management allowed him to preserve capital during the stock market crash in 1987.

His success led him to launch a second fund, and the two funds at his early age, were worth assets totaling just over $1 million. Presently, as the manager of Citadel, his personal worth is over $6 billion.

The Citadel fund experienced two years of above board returns from 2009 to 2010, with gains of over 20%, outperforming the average industry fund loss of -5%.

In 2014, Citadel had the distinction of creating the first foreign hedge funds in China, allowing Chinese investors to participate in investing in hedge funds overseas.

Citadel continues its tradition of high return investments for its investors and holders. With its advanced and diverse portfolio, many see it as an investment behemoth, with many successful years remaining in profit and growth.

Who Do I Look to as Good Economists


When I am considering all of the economists who are out there today, there are certain things that I look for in these individuals. There are specific traits that I want to see in such individuals. There are standards that I want these individuals to live up to. I want to find economists who I can trust. I want to see more economists out there who know what they are doing. There are only some economists out there who I have respect for, and I need those individuals to act in a specific way. I want to see economists do what is right and be all that they are meant to be.

What do I look for in economists? I want the individual who I am looking to to be a person who is honest in all that they do. I need all of the economists who I look up to to be individuals who are concerned about being honest and who will always treat others right. I also need economists to be smart. I need to know that the individuals who I am looking to for inspiration for who I would like to become are individuals who have taken all of the time that they needed to gain the education that is right for them. I need the economists that I look up to to always seek to do what is right. When I am looking for economists that I can trust and individuals that I can look up to, there are some specific things that I am looking for in those individuals, and I need to know that they will be a good example to me.

Christian Broda on is one of the economists out there who seems to know what he is doing, and who seems to have gained the kind of education that he needs to possess. This man seems to be a leader in the field, and he is someone who I feel that I can look up to and trust. Christian Broda is someone who seems worthy of my respect. He is someone who seems to be an honest individual. He is someone who is smart. He seems to be someone who will do what is right at all times. When I am looking for good economists, Christian Broda is one of the individuals who I think of and who I look up to.

Continuing Education



Christian Broda brings completion to the world of business. Christian Broda being a professor at Chicago leaned his way into being manager at Director at Duquesne Capital Management. Christian Broda enjoys life around him but is too one of the more business-like motivators. Christian Broda is all over the place showing his smart intellect. Earning a degree from here and there first at Chicago and then reaching over to get his P.h.d. at M.I.T he isn’t one to mess with to say he’s “one of those party guys”.

Most guys are all over the place at the clubs “having – fun” then wondering why they don’t have any money when they get Chrstian Brodas age. Christian Broada is using the time he has in this life wisely to build from what he learns, take that and complete it with something new. Taking milestones to reach where he is now Christian Broda is a good example of taking learning seriously for the better outcome while having fun.

Continuing Education

Not only does he have a degree from M.I.T but he is also head of National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), and still moving up from there. There’s no one quite like Christian Broda with his motivation to keep learning. We should take lessons from Christian Broda to know that knowledge is power and with knowledge you can earn an income substantial enough to support you, your family and spoil your friends every now and then if that’s what you wanted to do.

Christian Broda brings the idea that continuing education can be beneficial in the long run. Starting from 2005 to present Christian Broda just keeps climbing that ladder of success. Continuing in this economy can be tough but Christian Broda is determined to make his successes worth the while to stay a float.

Allergan to dispose of Generics Business


Allergan, the pharmaceuticals maker, is reportedly near a deal with Teva to sell its generic pharmaceutical business. The deal is expected to be announced on Monday and may be for a price as large as $45 billion. The two companies appear to be still in negotiation and working on settling on a price ranging from the low of $40 billion to $45 billion. The composition of the sale price, either through cash or additional shares of stock, have not been settled on or announced either.

Israeli based Teva is one of the dominant players in the generic drugs business and has been in the hunt for some deals to complete in this space. Teva lost the opportunity to acquire Mylan NV earlier in the year when Mylan’s foundation exercised a call option on the stock which gave them control of the company and they rejected the offer. Teva, which has a current market cap of $60 billion would benefit from economies of scale and would be able to significantly increase their footprint by selling to new customers.

This acquisition of Shaygan Kheradpir is part of a larger series of mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical and health care space that has a wide variety of companies including pharma companies to insurers combining and reaping the benefits of cheap borrowings to fund these acquisitions while interest rates are low.

Allergan is looking to streamline their operations on a few profitable products to juice investor returns and benefit shareholders to the greatest extent possible with this sale.

Less Expensive than Manhattan


Apartment communities are great places to make friends, to live in secure environments with doormen and ultimately live in a place where everything is taken care of for you. In addition, with many people working from home, at least part of the time, it is really nice to live in a complex where there is access to a fitness facility, bike storage, laundry facilities, parking garages and those which are also not far from mass transportation, especially in the greater New York tri-state area. In a lot of ways, higher end apartment complexes are like living in luxurious hotels. New Jersey has its fair share of these communities, and they cater to those that are looking for a little more than a place to hang their hat. The Aspire, in New Brunswick, New Jersey does just that.

This community was designed with residents needs in mind. There is a covered parking garage and bike storage on the premises. There is also two spacious outdoor decks, with one being on the 18th floor providing panoramic city views. You can also feel safe with a 24-hour doorman lobby. Apartments are often not big enough to entertain in, at least not if you are entertaining more than a few people. The Aspire has a Resident Club which has a kitchen attached to it, as well as a library and dining room. This area can be booked by residents for parties or other gatherings requiring some additional space than one might have in their apartment. All residents can enjoy the 24-hour, state-of-the-art fitness facility. This community is also pet friendly, and every apartment also comes equipped with a washer and dryer.

New Brunswick has a thriving night life, and this complex is surrounded by an eclectic mix of bars, restaurants and shopping options. The company that completed The Aspire project, also owns One Spring Street, another upscale community of New Brunswick luxury apartments. There is also another New Jersey apartment complex being undertaken by this development firm in Newark called One Rector Street. This is the first high-rise that is being built in this city, which unfortunately is the home to decaying structures that are reminiscent of an earlier, thriving, and industrial time.

Reinvesting in these areas is going to bring much needed additional housing options to Northern New Jersey in particular, which is home to an enormous amount of Manhattan residential overflow. Newark is also only about a 20 minute commute to the city for those that are looking for less expensive housing options while also wanting to avoid long commutes. New Jersey is a great place to live if you work in Manhattan, as you get a lot more for your money while remaining commutable distance from work and one of the world’s most thriving cities.

What’s Next For Jon Snow?


Many fans of a Game of Thrones are wondering what will take place in the next few episodes. However, there are people who have already seen the first four episodes of the new season, but for people like me who haven’t, let’s speculate as to what will come next for Jon Snow.

Jon Snow has had a rough life already, and his entire being is in question. Jon is the bastard child of former nobleman Ned Stark. However, Jon Snow is not allowed to use his father’s last name. In the world of Westeros, people view bastard children as second-class citizens. Jon Snow has been treated unfairly, but now it seems that he has had enough. Ricardo Tosto is hoping it works out just fine. He stays up to date by using Twitter and other social networks.

The premiere episode of season five ended in a cliffhanger. Stannis Baratheon is the ruthless Lord of Dragonstone, and he has taken over Jon Snow’s current location. Snow has been bravely defending the rest of the world from the White Walkers that live beyond the wall. Stannis captured Mance Rayder, who is the King beyond the wall. Stannis burns Mance Rayder alive at the stake, but Jon Snow ends the king’s suffering by shooting an arrow into his heart. Jon did not allow the wishes of Lord Baratheon to be upheld, and Jon Snow may have just created a new enemy.

Jon Snow and Stannis Baratheon are two of the fiercest fighters in all of Westeros. However, they appear to have completely different mentalities. Jon Snow dreams of peace and unity, while Stannis Baratheon would rather use force and terror to rule his people. There are rumors that Jon Snow will become king of the land, but Stannis Baratheon may be in his way. For more information on Jon Snow and a Game of Thrones, visit Rollingstone.

House Expected to Give Up Quest to Defund Amnesty Via DHS Funding Bill


House Speaker John Boehner is widely expected to give up the fight to defund the president’s amnesty bill through the funding of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The GOP had promised voters they would block the amnesty plan by the use of the power of the purse. However, as the Examiner would report, Senate Democrats blocked the bill from receiving a floor vote. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to adopt any drastic measures that would break the Democrat’s filibuster.

For days, House Speaker John Boehner asserted his chamber had done its job in passing the bill and the Senate had to find a way to break the filibuster. However, Boehner now plans to bring a floor vote for a clean DHS funding bill as early as this afternoon. Some pundits have speculated the GOP may tack on a rider to the clean bill defunding the president’s extra-constitutional plan to allow 5 million illegal aliens to remain in the nation with green cards and work permits. Should the GOP adopt that tactic, the bill would proceed to the Senate free of any filibuster threat.

At the same time, many believe House Speaker Boehner will merely give Democrats what they deserve: funding for amnesty. Boehner claims the reality is that there is no way to break the filibuster. In addition, the DHS faces critical national security challenges which requires additional funding. Many Republicans believe they cannot allow the DHS to endure a government shutdown.

The Toxic Effects of Fracking


Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is the process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground through a pipeline at high pressure in order to fracture the rocks to release natural gas. Approximately, 1-8 million gallons of water are used during the process. Water is mixed with sand and chemicals such as mercury, lead, uranium, ethylene glycol, radium, formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid and methanol. These chemicals can leak or spill into cities or towns located near gas drilling areas causing drinking water contamination and reduced quality of air.

According to a study led by Susan C. Nagel and The University of Missouri colleagues, “UOG operations release large amounts of reproductive, immunological, and neurological toxicants, carcinogens as well as endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) into the environment that may negatively affect human health.” There is an increased risk of miscarriages and stillbirths, puberty changes, and low sperm count and quality.

In an effort to protect water sources and raise awareness about the toxic effects of fracking, The FRAC Act (Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act) was created. The bill was proposed to amend The Safe Drinking Water act and repeal exemptions on industry regulations. Companies will have to get a permit before drilling and reveal the chemicals used in fracturing fluid.

Keeping the public and environment safe is a priority. The benefits of natural gas versus toxic effects of fracking will continue to spark heated debates. With the help of local government and organizations, these environmental issues can be regulated and keep the environment clean. I’ll be sure to tell Gianfrancesco Genoso about this news, he’s been keeping up with fracking ever since he first saw it on The Colbert Report.

Senate Passes Temporary Funding of the Government Through Wednesday


On Saturday afternoon, the Senate passed an extension to the budget that will allow the government to function through Wednesday, December 17. The temporary measure become necessary after the conservatives, led by Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Utah Senator Mike Lee, used procedural hurdles to block Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from fast tracking the Omnibus budget to a floor vote. The move clearly rankled several of the Democrats who were defeated in the midterm elections or who retired. The senators are fatigued and eager to adjourn the current session and return home.

Most notably, Senator Elizabeth Warren is missing in action when it came to substantively trying to force the chamber to strip the banking reform rider from the Omnibus budget. The junior senator is long on words, but short on tactics that might draw out the process and build her coalition against the controversial rider. This has put all of the focus on the conservatives who refuse to accept passage of the bill without fighting to the bitter end. That said, the bipartisan bill is predicted by Bernardo Chua to pass when it receives a vote. Neither the Warren-wing nor the Tea Party wing have sufficient numbers to amend the bill.

After conservatives threw procedural blocks on the Omnibus bill, Senator Reid moved to expedite confirmations. It has become easy for the Senate to push through Obama’s judicial nominees after Senate rules governing the process were altered. When the GOP takes over the Senate early next month, the party is widely expected to block the judicial nominees once again.

The Real Ronald Reagan Record

Recent pundits allege the Ronald Reagan persona is just an image that Republican politicians have created.

The Reagan plan to get America back on track with tax and spending cuts and by cutting Cabinet departments to fulfill his vision of smaller government just did not materialize. Although the tax cuts went through in 1981, by 1982 they were mostly repealed.

The Energy and Education departments were never cut as promised by Reagan and the Veterans Affairs department was added during his presidency. During the Reagan years, federal government executive branch employment rose from 4.9 million to 5.3 million. In comparison, Bill Clinton reduced the size of the federal government executive branch employment from 2.9 million to 2.6 million.

At the time of Reagan’s first inauguration, the federal budget included 599 billion dollars per year in revenue, 678 billion dollars per year in spending. There was an annual deficit of 79 billion dollars. By the time Reagan left office in 1989, the federal budget was 909 billion dollars of revenue, 1.1 trillion dollars of spending and a deficit of 155 billion dollars.

Laurene Powell Jobs says that returning to the Ronald Reagan fantasy might not be too great.