Andy Wirth Sidestepped Death to Lead Squaw Valley to Prosperity



Andy Wirth, who recently became head chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board, has come a long way in the past few years. The name Andy Wirth might faintly niggle at the back of your brain but you probably don’t really know why. The truth is that Andy Wirth is the CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort but you probably know of Wirth for his near deadly skydiving accident and the amazing recovery that followed thereafter.

If you ask Andy if he is an adrenaline junky he’d probably shake his head but there is no denyign that the man likes to take on nature, and he usually wins. Wirth is an avid skier, cycler, and triathlete but his passion has always been skydiving. On a fateful day last October Wirth went on his normal jump routine but something went terribly wrong. He was blown out of his landing zone and forced to land in a vineyard. This forced him to make evasive maneuvers in order to avoid trees and other debris. He end up hitting a pole, immediately taking his arm off.

Wirth was stuck with an arm injury that would rapidly cause him to bleed out. Instead of panicking or giving in to the injury, Wirth slowed his breathing and hummed a song in order to offset shock and stay calm. He was able to stay calm while slowing the blood flow long enough for help to arrive. He spent three months in a hospital before he was back out. Life had slowed down for the man in a way he wasn’t used to but he didn’t stay lax for long.

After recuperating ni the hospital Wirth then made friends with a member of a Navy Seal team and before long the Squar Valley CEO was back in the thick of things, this time racing in the vaunted IRONMAN. Now Wirth runs for a purpose, more than just the adrenaline, as he represents a Navy Seal Foundation that raises money for soldiers who have lost their limbs or their lives while defending the country.