Joseph Bismark Unites Good Business with Good Karma


The following is a summary of a very interesting article about Joseph Bismark which I read on the blog Bring on the Random.

As the above title suggests, Joseph Bismark (a member of the Board of Directors of Quest) has incorporated his love of truth and spirituality into the business world. To many, this is counter-intuitive, as one’s first thoughts of Wall Street are of cut throat competition, where it’s no holds barred when it comes to obtaining that all powerful tool – information. 

Mr. Bismark’s interesting story begins in the Philippines, where, as a youth (at the tender age of 9!), he became a monk in a mountain ashram, where he stayed until he was seventeen. Marrying his spiritual beliefs with the ways of big business, he quickly skyrocketed and was the QI Group’s Managing Director by 2008 and was instrumental in founding Qnet.

Because of his convictions in strong team work, running business with the highest ethical standards, his concepts of success do not necessarily mean more money. He emphasizes, not surprisingly, spiritual and self-fulfillment. 

At the QI group, employees find a much more laid back and worker-friendly environment than one expects at such a large and important company. Mr. Bismark’s eschewed the corporate lifestyle that comes with being at the top, including the stress, trials and tribulations of big business. 

Qnet is a direct selling company. Mr. Bismark has emphasized employees are not automatons, but humans, and function happier, more efficiently and successfully with less stress and more teamwork. To gain more insight into his philosophies, you can avail yourself of his work as a writer and a motivational speaker. You will learn that his approach is one of keeping the employees spiritually sound so as to maximize the experience for the customer, which is the ultimate goal of any business. You can see videos on his blog. 

The success he has had by combining business smarts with a lot less stress (again, learned from his days as a monk) can not be disputed. A quick glance at QI Groups profits and world wide reach prove this.