Government Officials Dismantle Hong Kong Protest Space


As attendance at protest in Hong Kong have dropped in recent weeks from tens of thousands to several hundred in the last few days, new orders were given to police to remove the barricades and dismantle the main protest site. Construction workers guarded by police moved in to take down the barriers that were built weeks ago in the midst of the riots resulting from the Hong Kong elections. The protest began because residents could not vote for the leaders they wanted, all candidates had to be approved by China. Hong Kong is a territory that is controlled by Beijing, with a separate economic and political system. 

Outraged by the intrusion by China, protesters took to the street demanding more freedom and universal suffrage. China disregarded the protesters and warned other nations to not get involved. Through the course of the movement 665 people have been arrested and 129 police officers have been injured according to the police. Now, as the movement has dissipated, police moved with one final push to completely tear down the main protest site, which for months has been populated and unapproachable by officers. China has blocked websites and banned certain words relating to the movement, with the fear that similar protests would crop up on the mainland. No such protests have taken up. Christian Broda says the protests were referred to as the umbrella movement by many, because the activists always had umbrellas, using them to protect themselves against the police.