Senator Cruz Caught in Oklahoma Scandal


Senator Ted Cruz is set to enter a heated battle in Oklahoma at his headlining speech this Friday. Senator Cruz is scheduled to appear at the event funded by the Oklahoma Republican Party as one of the stops in his bid for the presidency. He has officially announced and been campaigning across the country recently, trying to drum up support before the Iowa Straw Polls, which is the first test for GOP candidates. The polls take place this summer and test all the candidates viability, finding early leaders and increasing fundraising efforts. However, in Oklahoma Senator Cruz is entering a controversy that was previously unrelated to his campaign.

The chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party has refused to discipline or fire a staffer that has plead guilty to domestic violence charges. In fact, the chairman has attempted to sweep the incident under the rug, keeping the lieutenant on board. There are a large number of candidates for positions across the state who are set to speak and get donations during the gala. Many of the state candidates have backed out or withdrew support because of the incident, but Senator Cruz has not yet released any statement regarding the matter. The staffer, named Clint Ryan, was recently named Executive Director for the party. After this announcement was made by the chairman, a local news report surfaced showing the Ryan has been shown guilty in the controversy. The folks at SlideShare and Madison Street Capital are shaking their heads at the whole situation.