The Analytical and Strategic White Shark Media


White Shark Media is a company that provides marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Having been founded in 2011, it has endeavored to provide world-class customer experience. The client’s complaints and compliments are highly valued and are used to move the company forward constructively. The following are some typical complaints from customers and solutions that the company has applied.

The first complaint is when customers report that they have lost touch with AdWords Campaigns due to inadequate reporting procedures. The company embarked on explaining the ins and outs of a new campaign so that the customer is well aware of it before it starts. Customers would also complain that they did not know how to track the performance of AdWords. The complaint was resolved by installing conversion tracking, call tracking and at times Google Analytics free of charge.

Another complaint is when customers feel communication is not good enough especially when they need to get hold of their contact person through a receptionist. The solutions involved scheduling monthly status calls with GoTomeeting and allowing phone systems with direct extensions. Clients may also be bothered that majority of customers are coming through the phone which is why the company partnered with Marchex to provide call tracking for each customer.

Clients also complain of not liking the idea of creating a campaign in the company’s account. The company now offers an opportunity to continue working on the customer’s account if it has an already well-performing campaign. In addition, customers may get concerned that their old campaigns were performing better than the company’s new campaigns. The company ensures that the existing campaigns are actively in use until the new campaigns start producing results. White Shark Media also has experienced supervisors who oversee campaign management.

Clients may complain of not getting a contact person who is in tune with their needs. The company’s Senior SEM Consultant are actively involved in the customer’s lifetime cycle and are no longer the primary form of contact but are also available to answer questions. Clients are well taken care of from the signing up to the optimization process. Clients would also love if the company were to offer SEO services. Though the company is yet to provide SEO services, they review SEO proposals when the material is sent to a SEM Strategist.

Google has recognized the dedication of White Shark Media Compalints team and the company was awarded Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership in 2014. White Shark Media is considered as the fastest growing online marketing agency in North America.

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