Scientists Confirm the Sea Level is Still Rising Due to Climate Change


Climate change, formerly known as global warming, is arguably the most imminent threat facing human beings, and all other life on earth for that matter. Even though there are often conflicting reports published, one thing is for sure, climate change is happening.

The slow heating of the earth’s atmosphere has quickly leading to catastrophic devastation, and a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change provides hard evidence that glaciers near the earth’s poles are melting at an alarming rate. In fact, they have melted more in the past 15 years than the past 100 years combined.

Some reports suggested that the melting process has slowed and the sea-level started to recede in recent years, but this study proves that research is dead wrong. Brian Torchin paraphrased the study saying: the ice caps are still rapidly melting, and sea-levels all over the world are still rising.

Increases in sea-level threatens to flood nearly 50 percent of all American citizens, not to mention everybody who lives near a coastline throughout the rest of the world. Where will they go when they houses and neighborhoods become part of the ocean? Some claim there isn’t enough time left to make big enough changes to stop this inevitable process, while others are optimistic for our future and believe renewable and clean energy will pave the way to stop climate change. I guess we will all have to wait and see who is right.