NASA Cuts Highlight The Republican Move Against Science


Climate change looks set to become a hot topic in the upcoming Presidential nominations race with Republicans and Democrats finding themselves on completely different sides of the court of public opinion. The New Yorker reports the common refrain from GOP members that a lack of science knowledge should not mean their opinion that climate change does not exist should not lessen their opinion has led to a slashing of the budget for NASA. Bruce Karatz told us that the problem for the Republicans who control Congress is that the NASA budget includes a large amount of funding for Earth Science projects, which they feel are not required.

Around $300 million was eliminated from the NASA Earth Sciences budget after Democrats noted the area chosen for the majority of the cuts was based on funding for climate change research. NASA itself called for a reversal of the decision, which its tated would cause a major setback in the understanding of the climate of the Earth and in other areas of study such as robotics that are eventually transferred to space exploration.