Evangelicals Softening their Stance on Gay Marriage


How the politics of gay marriage has changed over the past ten years! Karl Rove aka “the Architect” masterminded the reelection of George W. Bush by pushing for same-sex marriage bans in key battleground states. The measures helped increase the evangelical voter turnout. This was particularly beneficial in the state of Ohio where same-sex marriage ban passed with strong evangelical Christian support. It turns out the entire presidential election came down to which candidate would carry Ohio. Bush narrowly won 50.8% to Kerry’s 48.7%.

Now, the once hot-button social issue has tempered somewhat amongst evangelicals. Jim Daly, whose radio program “Focus on the Family” is heard by nearly 3 million people weekly, is not changing his stance on the issue. At the same time, neither is he aggressively pushing it as he once had. In fact, his ministry is now focused on reaching out to all people including the Gay community. He frequently makes references to his friendships in the LGBT community.

Political pundit Erick Erickson, who writes for Redstate.com, explained that evangelicals are realizing that the courts will legalize same-sex marriage. In response, their attitudes are shifting to ensure they may continue to promote marriage according to the dictates of their conscience while society at large defines marriage differently. This is, in and of itself, a significant shift over the past decade. A softening stance by the evangelical wing of the GOP may have implications for conservative candidates being able to expand the party’s base to include demographics which in the past had been conceded to the Democrat Party.

Big thanks to friend of the site Tom Rothman for sharing that great article.