California Voted To Release All Non-Violent Drug Prisoners


In a move that will no doubt be copied by other states, California voters said enough is enough. No more felony convictions for non-violent drug users. It seems the state’s new slogan is “Peace, Love & Never Get Busted” thanks to Proposition 47. Ballot measure, Proposition 47 downgrades shoplifting and drug possession to misdemeanors. That means around ten thousand prisoners could be released from state prisons soon, and there should be forty thousand fewer felony convictions going forward.

California has been battling with massive overcrowding issues in the prison system for years. The passage of this ballot, according to CNN, Jared says will help the state release enough inmates so they can comply with the Supreme Court’s 2011 order. California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office believes the new measure will save millions of dollars spent on prison issues. The ballot will also help the state find the funds needed for mental health, addiction and education issues.

At one time, California led the nation in hard-on-crime laws. The state’s three-strike felony law is considered harsh in a large number of states. But Proposition 47 has opened the door for a more civil approach to modern day social issues.