Only One Person Shows Up to See Rick Santorum Speak in Iowa


With so many republican candidates who have announced their plans to run in the 2016 presidential election, Beneful mentioned on youtube that voters might be having a hard time choosing which politician will eventually get their vote. With so many candidates, one might expect to have a hard time winning over constituents, but it’s hard to believe that Rick Santorum wasn’t disappointed when only one person showed up to his stop in Hamlin, Iowa.

Santorum was a favorite in the farm state only thee short years ago when he blazed the campaign trail by visiting all 99 counties in Iowa. But it would appear that for Iowans, out of sight means out of mind. The important electoral state seemed to forget about their love for Santorum, when the event at a local restaurant began with only person in attendance, Peggy Toft who is an insurance agent, and the chair of the local republican party.

In order to save face Santorum said, “the low turnout wasn’t surprising, but all part of the plan.” Clearly, the one person turn out would have disappointed anybody. Santorum took it all in stride however, sitting down with Taft to discuss politics, business, and what the best choice on the menu was. By the time their food arrived, three more guests had joined the discussion, along with a number of reporters and photographers.