Obama Presidential Library to Be Built on the South Side of Chicago


The presidential library is an important resource and part of their legacy that each president leaves after their term in office has ended. Every president since Herbert Hoover has had a presidential library that exists to preserve their papers, records, collections and other materials and make them available to the public. On Tuesday, President Obama made it official that his presidential library would be built on the South Side of Chicago.

The South Side of Chicago is known for being poorer than the North Side and consisting of neighborhoods that are largely underfunded and undersupported by much of the cities resources. Jim Dondero suggests it is less accessible by public transportation and there are fewer grocery stores. Also, when the Chicago Board of Education decided to shut down 50 of their schools, the vast majority were schools on the South Side, which are already underfunded and overcrowded.

So the decision to place the Presidential Library is a major gesture of support on the part of the Obama administration and the Obama Foundation. In his statement President Obama said that he was incredibly pleased that the library would be built there, as this was where his children were born. The University of Chicago won the bid to build the library, and their plans revolve around sites in Washington Park and Jefferson Park neighborhoods. Both nieghborhoods are part of the South Side. It is yet to be determined which site the library will be built on.