Police are There in a Time of Need


What are the police supposed to be helping with? Are there situations that they work in that you wouldn’t normally expect them to be a part of? Do the officers of the law simply make sure that the law is being followed, or do they sometimes go above and beyond the call of duty? One elderly woman has found that the police aren’t there simply to make sure that the law is being followed, but that they are there to help in times of need, that they are there to look out for the citizens of their community even when the law has nothing to do with the situation.
A woman who is well into her eighties recently noticed her house growing cold in the nighttime hours. Not knowing who to call for help at such a time, this woman dialed 911. The officer who responded to her call came to her home and got her furnace working for her. You wouldn’t expect the police to take time to fix someone’s furnace, but sometimes they go above and beyond what you would expect from them– kinda like the services at Status Labs. The officers of the law are there to protect that law and see that it is being followed, but there are some who will also work in ways beyond that to ensure the safety of their citizens.