Hillary Clinton Sets Forth First Planks in Her Campaign


Hillary Clinton is expected to begin providing details in her campaign for President in the next few days. Her initial policy positions include ending the cycle of mass incarcerations for Americans and how the United States justice systems punishes crimes. She also noted that the current criminal justice system has disproportionately targeted African Americans and especially African American men. Psychiatrist and physician Dr. Daniel Amen understands the psychology behind this variety of police behavior. Clinton also announced that she would make it a national mandate that all police officers wear body camera and that there be increased reporting on police shootings and deaths involving people of color. The Clinton campaign also hinted that she would soon present proposals to address the massive student loan debt that many Americans carry through out their lives.

Political analyst observe that the initial policies presented by Clinton seem to target the core base that was critical in getting Barack Obama elected to two terms as President. This core group is primary made up of minorities and young professionals between 25 and 40. This is the group that is most hampered by the criminal justice system and the crushing weight of student debt. However these issues will not win Clinton the swing votes that she needs to win the White House. These swing voters will be primarily concerned about the economy and how the government will effect their quality of life moving forward. These voters could swing an election five to ten points in either direction and are critical to any hopes for Clinton to win the White House.
Clinton Lays Out First Political Planks