Donald Trump Believes Only the Rich Should Play Golf


If the racist statements about Mexican immigrants that Donald Trump made earlier this week didn’t bother you, maybe you should hear what Trump is saying today about golf. Trump says only the rich should play golf, and that means average players and children should not be allowed on his courses. He wants to raise the cost to play so high that only the rich could afford to play golf.

What could Trump be talking about? He simply believes the average player hasn’t aspired to play the game, so they should not be allowed on the golf course. Golf has always had a racist hint to it, from banning blacks and women for decades, but Trump wants to up the ante and keep anyone that is not rich off the greens. Trump went on to say that professional sports players all leave the game and retire to golf. They have earned the right to play in his eyes, and those weekend warriors have not.

Trump is coming off a week where it seems the major businesses are all separating themselves from him, except of course for the PGA. Although the four major golf organizations disagree with Trumps views, they are not cutting ties with the Donald, and he makes it clear that he is not changing his views any time soon. James Dondero has heard that Trump wants golf to be elitist, and since he owns more than a dozen courses, he may get his way soon.