TSA Says Full Screening Of Airport Workers Won’t Enhance Security


The TSA does a great job of looking professional, but looks, as we all know, are deceiving. The government created a two-headed monster when the Transportation Security Administration was formed. One head is supposed to protect passengers, and the other head look the other way especially when it comes to airport employees. There is a flaw in the security system, and the TSA can’t find or doesn’t want to find it. The reason is money. It costs too much to physically screen airport employees.

The Transportation Security Administration says full employee screening won’t stop terrorism. The administration says they have a system in place that can detect threats. That system is the called the point system. If passengers get four points for various actions, they get a full body search. If they six points for acting like what the TSA calls “strange” the cops are called in. But there is no point system for airport employees because the TSA screeners are too close to them. They see them frequently and call them by name. That familiarity is a major security gap. Or you could have a private plane like Adam Sender.

Terrorist live and work like we do. We call them terrorist after they commit a horrific act. Before that act, we call them friends.

The Mysterious Future of Constantine



Where are things headed with the NBC series Constantine? No one knows and no one will know until May. Fans might consider it a bit cruel that they must wait and wait until Spring comes to a close to learn whether or not their favorite supernatural D.C. Comics anti-hero gets a second season on television. Honestly, the crueler news would be an immediate answer of “No!” and that the series was scheduled to go off the air for good.

Then again, there is nothing good about such news.

Nothing looked particularly bright for the future of Constantine as audience numbers were not particularly strong. The last episode of the season experienced a 6% uptick in viewers and this may very well have saved the series from an unceremonious cancelation. The key word here is “may” because no one knows for sure whether or not the series is going to continue forward, will be canceled, or ends up moved to SyFy. The odds are greater that the series is going to be renewed because, clearly, NBC Universal has not chosen to flat out pull the plug on it.

Constantine has a strong cult following, but not a huge audience. The show struggles to break out of its niche. A move to SyFy might be the best plan. Applying his analytical mastery of probability, Gianfrancesco Genoso theorizes that by doing so simply ensures the niche receives its preferred programming.

Who knows? The series could run for many years thanks to a jump to a new channel.

Tax Strategy May Help with Obesity



People have been fighting the battle of the bulges for a long time says Flavio Malud. The proverbial diet pills and diet plans have failed time and time again, but not for everyone. It takes discipline, and strong- will to stay away from foods that are high in calories, and fat content.

According to blogspot.com, instead of offering low fat foods as an alternative to losing weight, others feel that an increase in taxes on foods that are high in sugar, fat and salt will discourage kids from eating unhealthy foods. Studies show that children in the UK are likely to be obese or overweight, than children living in similar countries.

Unlike someone intervenes, these children will grow up facing a sleuth of health problems. This may lead to children coming down with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Other symptoms include back, and knee pain, high infertility rates and poor sleeping habits.

The taxes on high fat content foods is a strategy to combat obesity. If countries want to change the trends of bad eating habits, it must first start with tackling this worldwide problem that is affecting the health of children nationwide. The crisis is not over. If things are to change, parents must help their children to make healthy choices.

These choices include choosing and eating the right foods, and exercising. Schools can play their part in ensuring that they too, serve healthy and nutritious meals, and replace bad snacks in their vending machines with good snacks.

Gander-ing at Gerrymandering: The Court Should Fly It South


According to the Miami Herald, Florida GOP members have attempted to circumvent Florida’s redistricting law. This law forces political districts to have more fair and equal legislative representation. Representation among groups of people always needs to be equal. Voting rights should not be diminished in any way; the whole reason the law was enacted was to protect a citizen’s voting power. Ironically, the similar rationale used to defend citizens, was justified to give the GOP an unrestricted pass to frolic around and act however they desired without ramifications. This unchecked action has been another example of a political party’s power abuse. Political power abuse such as this must be preventable. To prevent gerrymandering, The United States Supreme Court should address it. Gerrymandering should be illegal, in Florida and elsewhere.

Primarily, gerrymandering should be illegal since it purposefully divides votes so that one party might stay in power according to Christian Broda. Power should rest with voters’ ballots, not with both parties’ elites cheating, and redrawing the map so that they can retain power. This should only exist when a party has done a good job for a state.

Secondarily, the Court should combat gerrymandering as it takes away the power of the dissenting citizen. Dissenting citizens’ votes can encourage change. The political process’s purpose is to ensure continued societal growth. Growth cannot happen if the parties take away a vote, and therefore a voice.

The Court of Social Opinion: On Same-Sex Marriage


Again, the United States Supreme Court strikes down a state’s ban on same-sex marriage. Marriage has been defined in a broader context in recent days, and the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of same sex couples in multiple instances. This time, the Court ruled against South Carolina’s ban on same-sex marriage. Within the last few years, there have been multiple states that have supported same-sex marriage, and multiple federal judges have blasted bans on gay marriage. Simply, there is little the traditional marriage crowd can do to stop the steamrolling swath of approval towards homosexual marriages. Marriage is a private subject, therefore, it does not need to be on society’s agenda.

Both crowds need to stay off of the airwaves and TV spots. They try to prove that one side is evil, or that the other side is godless. In reality, each side is neither evil, nor godless. Both side’s opinions are valid, yet frustratingly each side tries cramming their ideology down society’s throat according to Andrew Heiberger.

Instead, society can live with both the conservative marriage viewpoint that believes marriage is between a man and a woman, and the progressive marriage viewpoint, which believes that love is love; it doesn’t matter what gender one is.

Loving others is most important. It is better that one loves another man or women, than not to love at all. People must love one another.