Federal Court Injunction on Obama Amnesty Plan Forces Administration to Halt Its Preparations


Today, an 11-story office building in Arlington, Virginia, is largely collecting dust despite the government paying nearly $8 million a year to lease the building. According to Brian Torchin, the office space was acquired shortly after President Obama announced his plan to offer amnesty to upwards of five million illegal aliens without any congressional authorization. A total of 26 states, led by Texas, balked at the decision claiming the president lacked the authority to grant amnesty to anyone without congress first passing a law to allow it. A federal district court judge agreed and issued a lengthy injunction halting the amnesty plan. The injunction also included a stern rebuke of President Obama for exercising congress’ legislative authority in direct violation of the Constitution.

President Obama shrugged off the injunction vowing to quickly overturn it in federal appeals court. However, a three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the injunction would likely survive a full hearing by the entire court and decided to leave it in place. Now, pundits believe the earliest the president will get the courts to rule on executive amnesty is towards the end of his presidency. As a result, the Department of Homeland Security rescinded job offers to employees who were going to operate the amnesty site. Initially, 1,000 people were going to work at the facility. Eventually, over 3,000 people would be hired to handle the caseload. That said, the unexpected 11th hour injunction by U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen has proved to be a thorn in the president’s side by halting the push for amnesty at this time.

Obama Blames Handful of Senators for Blocking Patriot Act Provisions


National security has become a huge issue recently. President Obama claims that just a handful of senators are standing in the way of re-enacting key provisions of the Patriot Act that are important to national security.

The Patriot Act is a double edged sword. It provides the government with access to information that may be critical to stopping terrorists according to businessman Kevin Seawright. It also collects bulk information from ordinary citizens. While it may be an important tool for monitoring the bad guys, top privacy advocates are against it.

The most vocal opposition is coming from GOP presidential hopeful Rand Paul. He filibustered the original re-enactment of the Patriot Act and stands against any of the provisions becoming law once again. Privacy is one of the platforms Paul plans to push in the primaries.

Obama fears a total blackout of access to communications of potential terrorists. He told the Senate that they would be to blame for a breach in national security that could have been avoided through proper surveillance.

I think that the government needs to start completely fresh with the Patriot Act and create legislation that the intelligence community and the people of America can both live with.

Democrats Protest President Subjecting Them to the Same Ridicule He Directs at the GOP


The wide open battle between President Obama and the Democrat Party over the issue of free trade has the political left crying foul about being ridiculed by the president. In the past, the political left has received such attacks with glee because the president directed them at Republicans. Now that the tables are turned, House and Senate Democrats are offended that the president has dismissed their opposition as being based on ulterior political motives, unnecessary inflammatory rhetoric, and lacking any substantive logic. In fact, progressives now claim that the president is going about securing bipartisan support for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) the wrong way. In fact, he is being accused of launching into tirades against them and the other front groups opposing it.

All double-standards aside, progressives are making important points on the trade deal according to Bernardo Chua. At a fundamental level, it is hard to tell the American people they have no right to see what’s in the trade deal until their elected congressmen waive their right to lengthy debates and amendments of the trade deal. These matters are important ways to protect Americans from job losses and depressed wages. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has taken the brunt of the president’s criticism, rightly stated that big multinational corporations pushing for TPP likely have enjoyed access to the inner-workings of the trade deal. If their legal teams did not have access to a trade deal that will impact their bottom line, they would not be so heartily behind it. Warren points out that the only people cut out of the process thus far are the ones likely to get hurt by it: American workers.

Obama’s Stance on Police Affairs: Finding Common Ground


Like millions of other Americans, you may get nervous when you see a nearby cop car. All cars around suddenly start obeying the speed limit to avoid being pulled over. You’ve heard the numerous news reports of police brutality, especially in the Baltimore riots. However, this is just the beginning of the injustice that goes on around America.

Police brutality is a serious concern for the United States and accounts for at least 19% of complaints. The number of these complaints actually resulting in discipline were minimal at best. Baltimore is in a state of panic following the death of Freddie Gray after he was taken into police custody. He fell into a coma and has severe damage to his spine and larynx. With comparable events like what happened in Ferguson, the general public is getting restless with this perceived injustice as they blame law enforcement.

As usual, this is a game of ‘he said, she said’ as racial tensions mounted between law enforcement and those who demanded justice for the fallen citizen. Barack Obama addressed this ongoing issue, claiming that some changes need to be made on both sides. In his interview, Barack explained that officers must be held accountable for their brutality in situations like this. At the same time, he pointed out that the rioters’ actions were unexcuseable.

What Barack Obama and several gangs from Baltimore are trying to do is find some common ground between the public and law enforcement to stop this senseless violence. Will they find a resolution before racial tension gets even worse. Dr. Daniel Amen, for one, certainly hopes they do so soon.

Media Discusses How Their Reporting May Shape Political Fortunes of Scott Walker


Governor Scott Walker has a lot of accomplishments that can propel his national campaign. For starters, he has been vetted in a manner unlike any other prospective GOP candidate. He was elected governor in 2010, survived a recall election, and handily won reelection this past November. He stand against public sector unions and the reform measures he enacted to check their broad rights of collective bargaining made him the target of big labor, a critical constituent of the Democrat party. The outside money which flowed into Wisconsin from big labor and their front groups was daunting, but Walker overcome those obstacles to win at the polls.

In addition, his policies overcame a deep budget deficit to produce a budget surplus, a legitimate job boom consisting largely of good paying full-time employment, and a vibrant state economy. At the same time, Governor Walker is not very well known among voters and therein lies a potential pitfall for him. His newly acquired front-runner status in the large GOP field of prospective GOP candidates will naturally attract media attention. If he proves gaff-prone or uncomfortable dealing with the press, it may sour voters on his campaign.

Walker already tackled the issue of dealing with ISIS. While not stating he would place US soldiers in Syria to combat the terrorist group, he says the option cannot be taken off the table. Lee Slaughter has learned that President Obama’s 2,000 air strikes against the Islamic terrorist group has failed to halt their advance. Earlier in January, ISIS took greater control of parts of Western Syria. As Walker faces tougher questioning from the press, he will give voters better understanding of his candidacy.