Time Winds Down


History was made a few weeks ago when Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky delivered a 10 hour and 30 minute filibuster. The senator was trying to entice Congress to dismantle the Patriot Act and the spying that the NSA was conducting on American telecommunications. Senator Paul was victorious in his endeavor and Congress voted to dismantle the NSA’s Act on Midnight of June 1st. On Sunday, supports of the Patriot Act were given an unprecedented Sunday meeting in order to negotiate terms of the Patriot Act that would keep some of the Act in play. Many people thought that Patriot Act supporters would try to run out the clock on negotiations with a last minute play like this. What they didn’t anticipate, was that Senator Paul was already on the defense. The Patriot Act supporters were given eight hours to discuss their terms. Senator Paul was in attendance and once he was given the floor, he did not stop speaking. He essentially ate up the time that the supporters of the Act would’ve used to get their way. When asked why he took such an approach, the Senator was quoted as saying that the supporters should have gotten their negotiations in way before the 11th hour according to Susan McGalla. Even though Rand Paul was victorious during this battle, the war is not over. The Patriot Act supports still have two more houses of politicians to go through before the Patriot Act dismantlement hits the President’s desk and is struck down decisively.