The Days of the GOP May Be Numbered


The Grand Old Party (GOP), as the name implies, is a long standing political party who once had a great amount of influence on elections. However, the GOP is becoming increasingly aware of the obstacles they face in the upcoming 2016 presidential election, the biggest one being their party is growing older and older by the second. And with a country who is currently being overrun with millennials, the GOP is quickly losing the influence they have held onto for so long.

Millennials are now the biggest and most influential group in America, and their values tend to be significantly different than the GOP’s. The new generation is largely democratic and the GOP is seeing the effects of this, they are now attracting fewer first time voters than any other time in history.

Susan McGalla along with don’t think the GOP simply doesn’t represent the America of today, a nation represented by people of many different backgrounds, classes, and socioeconomic status. The members of the GOP are literally dying off without anyone to replace them. For these reasons, republicans are desperate to win over some of the youth by appealing to the values they find important. However, their past attempts to do so have largely been unsuccessful and without an entire re-haul of their political message, the GOP will most likely continue to fail to inspire young voters. As of right now, the GOP is at a major disadvantage in the 2016 elections.