UK Passes Secret Legislation to Allow Authorities the right to Hack


Recently the UK government passed secret legislation that would allow authorities to hack into computers and phones legally. The laws were passed without any vote or public debate on the subject.

The new laws were passed in part because of a complaint filed last year by Privacy International. The complaint outlined the illegality of hacking being performed by the GCHQ under the Computer Misuse Act.

The laws were passed as secondary legislation under the Serious Crime Bill. No one was even made aware of the new laws until they took effect on May 3rd of this year according to Dr. Daniel Amen.

Privacy International’s lawyers point out an important fact. The new laws would allow UK authorities to legally carry out cyber attacks within the UK with absolutely no penalty. It basically gives them free reign over any computer system they can hack into.

I think that it’s a little troubling that a government organization would simply pass new legislation when being accused of illegal activity. The laws weren’t up for public debate because the public would surely be against them. The government hasn’t even made it clear why the laws would be necessary or what benefits could be derived from the new legislation.