NBC Cuts D


NBC has finally responded to Donald Trump’s comments on immigration, and the news isn’t good for Trump. NBC has decided to cut ties with Trump, pulling the plug on Miss USA and Miss Universe, and releasing Trump from contractual obligations.

NBC Universal has stayed relatively quiet in the last two weeks, but it is clear that they were just biding their time before making such a monumental announcement. Miss USA and Miss Universe are a joint venture, and NBC pulling out of such a large broadcast is not a decision that came lightly. The network will continue to air Celebrity Apprentice, but Trump will not be a part of the show.

Trump famously made derogatory comments regarding immigration, particularly immigrants hailing from Mexico, during a speech that announced his intention to run for president. Mann indicated that Trump has done little in recent days to apologize for his statements. In fact, he’s gone on the air several times to defend them. In one statement he called his views “accurate”, and during an interview with CNN, he continued to suggest Mexican immigration is a problem as “criminals” are coming across the border.

There is no word on who will take over Celebrity Apprentice or what network the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants will air on, if any.