Obama Outlined His Post-Election Strategy


President Obama seems to believe that if he outlines his political agenda before the incoming GOP majority takes control in January, he will enjoy some sort of tactical advantage. As part of this somewhat puerile strategy, the president outlined some of his priorities during the lame duck session of congress. Among the things he will do is to nominate African-American female Loretta Lynch as the new Attorney General. The announcement is expected to be made on Saturday. Presumably, the president expects to put the GOP on the offensive about whether they will oppose the nomination of the first African-American woman as attorney general. Eric Holder, the prior Attorney General, was forced out over his participation in the “Fast & Furious” gun running scandal.

Also, the president will press congress to fund his Ebola fighting program with $6 billion. He will request congress authorize him to send 1,500 more troops to prepare Kurdish fighters to confront ISIS. The war against the savage terrorist group will need additional funding to the tune of $5.6 billion. The GOP is noted for its strong stance on matters of national defense. This means supporting the war against ISIS should easily gain their support.

Curiously, the president still seems unwilling to recognize that the number one concern of voters is the economy. That is not something Keith really wants to hear. None of the new polices he is announcing will actually benefit the economy. Then again, his policies were repudiated at the polls. The GOP has the mandate for economic reform and are planning to enact serious tax reform, expanded domestic energy, and a full repeal of Obamacare in order to boost the economy.

Marijuana Now Legal In Oregon


Marijuana activists are overjoyed by the recent election news from Oregon. The legal status of marijuana has officially been voted on by its citizens to become fully legalized and regulated by the state of Oregon. The issue was voted on under Measure 91 on Tuesday’s ballot this week. It was widely expected to pass due to the state’s close relationship with Washington state, which legalized marijuana itself in 2012. Christian Broda knew that this was going to pass rather easily, and sure enough, it did.

The state’s United States attorney, Amanda Marshall, says that she will not turn away from federal law despite the passage’s measure. She is concerned that the law will be used to fund criminals and other unsavory groups by funneling money from legally generated marijuana sales across state and possibly national borders. She has also expressed that the law cannot be used to flout the laws of Oregon’s neighbors that have not yet made the drug fully legalized by allowing marijuana to leave the state.

Oregon’s new law is nearly identical to the legislation passed by Colorado in 2012. The language of the new law allows for the creation of a recreational, regulated marketplace for the sale of cannabis. Colorado has seen its economy rapidly increase with the added allure of smoking legalized marijuana while taking in the scenic beauty of the state. Economists are poised to study the effects of the law’s passage on Oregon, which has recently struggled with a fairly high unemployment rate.

Tennessee Votes Away Key Rights


An ominous red wave surged across the US on election day. The wave sent chills across the Democratic establishment. Shocking much of the country, Tennesseans voted yes Tuesday on two constitutional amendments designed to take away rights for women and voters respectively.

One constitutional amendment passed by Tennessee voters strips away a woman’s right to control her body and choose an abortion. The amendment is so far reaching it could be used to ban abortion even in cases of incest or rape. It also sets a dangerous precedent for state control over the lives of individuals.

A second constitutional amendment passed by Tennesseans Tuesday repealed their own right to elect judges at the state level, and remains absolutely perplexing to Brad Reifler.  Why you would vote to take away your own rights, we’ll never understand. The amendment takes power away from voters and gives it to the state’s governor. The state’s Supreme Court as well as appeals courts will now be staffed with judges handpicked by the governor. The selections will then go before the state legislature for approval.

Both sides of the debate over Amendment 1, the proposal giving the state power to ban abortions, fought a long campaign in the lead up to Tuesday’s election. Advocates for the amendment came under fire for questionable practices including spreading misinformation.

Amendment 1 does not automatically ban abortions in the state, but it does clear the way for the state’s government to go ahead with outlawing the medical practice.

Red Revolution


A scarlet revolution has overthrown the American executive. Well, at least in theory. Democrats endured a massive defeat in which they gave up their already diminishing reign over the US Congress. Americans had to deal with a government shutdown when the previously Democratic majority Senate and Republican majority House of Representatives were at loggerheads over the nation’s budget. I’ve been discussing it with my political buddy Sam and even he has no idea what is in store for Americans when President Obama’s only support lies in his Cabinet. Both the Senate and the House of Representatives are now under Republican rule.


President Obama is arguably the most well-educated and intelligent president America has had. Yet if someone like him seems unable to change things, one must wonder if it his fault or the system which he is a part of. With corporate lobbies basically owning politicians, it doesn’t seem logical to blame them instead of the institutions that control them. Republican or Democrat, a politician does his or her best to make whoever pays them happy. After all, would you bite the hand that feeds?


After being left with the ruins of a boisterous man-child carrying out his daddy’s ambitions, President Obama has graciously tackled the messes of a lagging economy and bringing home wrongly deployed and weary soldiers. However, with the shocking yet not so shocking midterm election results, one can’t help but feel a bit blue on the President’s and nation’s behalf.

The Cash Buffet is Helping Politicians Stuff Themselves


In the latest example of how the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court ruling has truly polluted the political process in the United States, close to $4 billion will be spent just on congressional elections by the time this year’s campaigning ends on early Tuesday morning.

The Center for Responsive Politics has projected approximately $3.67 billion will be used on campaign ads and literature, making it the most expensive mid-term election ever, which shocks even the old voters like Sultan Alhokair that thought they’d seen it all.

The most prominent example of this political financing excess can be seen in the state of North Carolina, which has a tight race for the Senate with incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan attempting to hold onto her seat against Thom Tillis, the North Carolina state Speaker of the House.

In that race, over $100 million has been spent by outside groups on both sides. Chief among them for Hagan are the League of Conservation Voters and Carolina Rising, which have combined for over $8 million in funding. Tillis has major pockets of his own, like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS and the National Rifle Association, which has combined for $13.6 million.

Such economic power means that the vote of the people really doesn’t matter much anymore, since they don’t funnel millions into the coffers of a politician’s political action committee.

Instead, money literally talks and drowns out the continuing concerns that affect everyday Americans, ratcheting up the cynicism in the American people that much more.

Thanks to Obamacare, Health Insurance Rates Stable Through 2015


In attack ads across the country, the GOP is claiming that their opponents’ support for Obamacare is a reason to vote Republican. They cite the number of people who are losing their insurance and the high cost of premiums as evidence that those who support the Health Care Reform Act simply have no idea what is best for America, but a recent study performed by the McKinsey Center for U.S. Health indicates otherwise.

The study, conducted by the politically unbiased McKinsey Center, expects 65% of insurance policies to show an increase in the price of premiums, but the average increase will be only about 4%. Prior to Obamacare, annual rate increases were consistently in the double-digit range. 35% of the country’s health insurance premiums will either hold steady or decline in cost next year, according to the study.

This is undoubtedly good news for everyone, but the media machine of the GOP will try its best to bury the report in a flurry of accusations and political attack ads. Ever since the Affordable Health Care Act became the law of the land, Brad Reifler has witnessed Republicans in Congress spending the majority of their time trying to find ways to defund the law, which was designed to provide affordable health care for all Americans.

Pros and Cons of An Unopposed Primary for Hillary


While a primary opponent can be financially and politically destructive to a sitting president, the possibility of an unopposed primary run for Hillary Clinton in 2016 may not be much of a blessing. Yes, it would certainly aide her campaign in building up funding and polishing her brand as The Democratic Candidate. However, the gauntlet of competitors she would face (Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, and the seemingly inevitable Jeb Bush) would not severely damage one another in the traditional “I’m the most conservative candidate!” bashing amongst themselves (expending funds and political capital all the while), but instead would have but one target.

Anyone who followed recent primaries has a good expectation of Hillary’s campaign style, and will receive more of the same from what Bruce is predicting. This measured and stoic laboring to the finish line was extremely helpful while she campaigned for Bill, but did not serve her well in her last run. Additionally, the Republican campaign machine is more than willing to heedlessly shake things up again, stealing limelight and focus from Hillary’s solitary slog to the White House.

Public Anger Builds as Senate Majority Chances Look Slim for Republicans


The mood of the nation against the controlling powers in Washington is likely to see the Republicans obtain a small majority in the Senate in next weeks elections. However, with many Senate races too close to call around the country, the Republican majority could be so small that it will have little effect on the perceived problems the public have become annoyed with as Congress has remained split, according to CNN.

Political heavyweights from both the Republican and Democratic parties have been touring the country in a bid to encourage a high voter turnout that could sway close election campaigns. From Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to potential Democratic 2016 Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, tight election races have seen some of the biggest names in American politics appear on the campaign trail and call for a high voter turnout.

President Obama will make his way to Michigan in a bid to help Democrats in the state in their election campaigns. Obama has been seen as a problem by many campaigners who do not wish to have their candidates linked to the current President. GOP hopes of achieving the needed 60 seat majority in the Senate have been struck by an expected low voter turnout. Public opinion has recently shown a high level of anger and unhappiness with the current stalemate that exists in Washington, Republicans hoped to take advantage of a Senate majority to force through their own legislation and block the policies of President Obama for the remainder of his Presidency.  No matter what though, the closeness of these races has me and Stephen excited to sit at home, get a glass of wine, and see how things turn out.

Rove’s PAC Ad Ruled False By PolitiFact


Another year, another lie connected to Karl Rove, has been exposed by the political watchdog site PolitiFact.com, this time to his American Crossroads Political Action Committee in an ad for a California congressional race that the site deemed to be “False.”

The American Crossroads ad attacks Rep. Ami Bera, a Democratic incumbent from California running in a tight re-election race against Republican Doug Ose, by stating that the state’s senior citizens will have Medicare benefits cut by over $1,700. That was supposedly the result of Bera voting against repealing the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

What the ad fails to do is tell the truth about who would be affected. Making the subtle claim that ALL Medicare recipients will be affected turns out to be wrong, since the only seniors who could be affected would be those who have Medicare Advantage, which already offers ample benefits which you can easily find on Wikipedia, something Genoso wishes more people would research.

The information that Rove’s PAC used came from a report this past April issued by the American Action Forum, which PolitiFact notes shares office space with American Crossroads. Perhaps more importantly, the group is financed by the Koch Brothers, who have become notorious in Democratic circles for flooding markets with ads for Republicans.

Pro-Choice Group’s Ad Says GOP Senator Candidate Will Make It Impossible To Get Condoms


In reporting on the recent political activity from pro-choice group NARAL, Buzzfeed writer Andrew Kaczynski notes that the organization has lent nearly half a million dollars to an ad campaign claiming that Republican Senate candidate Cory Gardner is attempting to make buying condoms impossible. According to the ads, Gardner is attempting to outlaw access to various types of contraceptives. The advertisements, which will run on TV and the radio in the local Denver area, further Democratic attacks against Gardner.

In offering audiences details regarding the condom issue, the advertisement clearly states that Gardner himself claims to have no intent to ban contraceptives. Rather, the ad argues that Gardner put a ban on birth control, thereby rendering men responsible for purchasing condoms, which are “sold out” according to a woman in the radio ad. In addition to attacking Gardner’s stance on contraceptives, the ad informs the public that Gardner cut Pell grants and denies climate change.  While it might be a little misleading, Broda is confident that the full message of the ad is pretty clear.