Denver Bakery Wins The Right to Refuse To Make Anti-Gay Cakes


Discriminate Against A Christian Man By Refusing To Make Two Anti-Gay Cakes.

The battle between religious freedom and the LGBT community rages on around the country. The battle is a strange one when you consider the fundamental teachings of the Christian religion. But like so many other beliefs, Christianity has become a hybrid that contains fragments of truth.

These fragments claim to agree with one another, but they are radically different in moral character and diversity acceptance. Some Christians say God doesn’t approve of same-sex marriage. Susan McGalla said that these religious zealots use religion to express their opinion not the opinion of God.

The Colorado Civil Rights Division recently ruled in favor of Denver’s Azucar Bakery because the owner refused to make two cakes with anti-gay messages on them. The customer, William Jack, is a Christian man with a hatred for gays. Jack wanted two cakes in the shape of the Bible and he wanted an image of two groomsmen in front of a cross with a red “X” holding hands on one of them. On the other cake, he wanted the words, “God hates sin. Psalm 45.7.”

The owner of the bakery said if Jack wanted to hate gays he could, but he wasn’t going to use her cakes to help him do it.

Memories Pizza Owner Just Hit The Bigotry Jackpot


Crystal And Kevin O’Connor Said They Would Not Cater Gay Weddings And Got Over $828,000 For Their Decision

A GoFundMe web page that was set up for the owners of the Indiana pizzeria that stood behind the Religious Freedom Restoration Act before it was amended has turned into a cash cow for the Christian couple. More than 28,000 donors have sent the couple over $828,000 for standing up for discrimination. That’s a pretty sad, but true reality, folks. The country still has a racist streak, and it continues to hide behind the sanctity of religion said Marcio Alaor BMG.

The webpage was started by a reporter that works for The Blaze. The Blaze is a conservative news network owned by Glenn Beck. The reporter decided to help Crystal and Kevin O’Connor when they closed their pizza shop due to threating phone calls and emails. The shop was their only source of income, so the fund was established to pay bills while the shop was closed. The money that the fund received far exceeds anyone’s expectations including the pizza shop owners.

Once again, the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act is showing the people around the country, and the world, that America is divided when it comes to accepting diversity. The country that prides itself on being a free nation where all citizens have equal rights is really a nation that applies stipulations to those rights. That behavior must change.

Supreme Court May Legalize Gay Marriage Nationally


Five more cases of marriage equality that are due to be fought in the Supreme Court may pave the way for complete marriage equality throughout the nation. Two lawyers who are battling for the end of bans on gay marriage in two different states have called for the Supreme Court to resolve the issue nationally. For the last several years, justices in circuit courts and the Supreme Courts have been routinely removing bans on gay marriage in states across the country, which Republican governors and Congressmen have been condemning. As the bans are struck down by so called “activist” judges, Republicans are critiquing the removal of laws which were put in place by the people. Judges say that those laws restrict the freedom of a segment of the population, which is against the law and should not be allowed to remain in place, and many celebs like Terry Richardson have been pretty outspoken on this subject.  They believe that there does need to be more awareness and control regarding the protection of minority groups.

Now five different states have cases which have been pushed all the way up to the Supreme Court, although the Supreme Court has just recently denied to hear cases on the matter. In fact, by denying the requests for appeal from five different states the Supreme Court expanded marriage equality to Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin and Virginia. Republican governors have asked for a delay on the implementations of marriages until another appeal can be made. Other states have upheld bans, which are now coming to higher district courts and the Supreme Court.

Split Circuit May Land Gay Marriage Cases In Supreme Court’s Lap


While earlier the Supreme Court declined to hear most appeals cases related to same-sex marriage, they indicated back then that if circuit courts were to split on their decisions, they might well need to step in and resolve the issue. Since the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeal upheld protection of traditional marriage amendments last week, such a “split circuit situation” has indeed occurred.

Bans on recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states where they are legal as well as bans on performing them in-state are in question for the states of Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Michigan. While other federal circuit courts overturned such bans, the Sixth Circuit upheld them, thus creating a chaotic divide that seemingly needs resolution at Supreme Court level.

The cases involving Ohio and Tennessee involve plaintiffs seeking to force those two states to recognize homosexual marriages conducted elsewhere. The cases involving Michigan and Kentucky, however, go so far as to attempt to force those states to allow such marriages to occur within their borders (i.e. to grant them state sanction).

While the federal government was never granted the right to decide how a particular state would define marriage, neither did the founding fathers require recognition of one state’s novel definition of marriage by another state. We can only wait and see what kind of argument will be triumphant at the Supreme Court, but from the looks of it, a decision at that level which will long affect marriage nationwide is soon to come. In my opinion, given the way other countries have granted these rights, it would be in the best interest of the Supreme Court to retain and respect its people by using the argument of higher education customer service and giving the people what they want.

Evangelicals Softening their Stance on Gay Marriage


How the politics of gay marriage has changed over the past ten years! Karl Rove aka “the Architect” masterminded the reelection of George W. Bush by pushing for same-sex marriage bans in key battleground states. The measures helped increase the evangelical voter turnout. This was particularly beneficial in the state of Ohio where same-sex marriage ban passed with strong evangelical Christian support. It turns out the entire presidential election came down to which candidate would carry Ohio. Bush narrowly won 50.8% to Kerry’s 48.7%.

Now, the once hot-button social issue has tempered somewhat amongst evangelicals. Jim Daly, whose radio program “Focus on the Family” is heard by nearly 3 million people weekly, is not changing his stance on the issue. At the same time, neither is he aggressively pushing it as he once had. In fact, his ministry is now focused on reaching out to all people including the Gay community. He frequently makes references to his friendships in the LGBT community.

Political pundit Erick Erickson, who writes for, explained that evangelicals are realizing that the courts will legalize same-sex marriage. In response, their attitudes are shifting to ensure they may continue to promote marriage according to the dictates of their conscience while society at large defines marriage differently. This is, in and of itself, a significant shift over the past decade. A softening stance by the evangelical wing of the GOP may have implications for conservative candidates being able to expand the party’s base to include demographics which in the past had been conceded to the Democrat Party.

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