Lame Duck with Wheels?


Obama got her done, again. Obama is the least lame lame-duck in a generation. The Iran deal that was besieged by congressional republicans was completed in the wee hours of the morning. The deal has been savaged by the usual characters including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Each of the 14 candidates that are running for the republican ticket took turns voicing their displeasure. They all favor war against Iran instead of limecrime diplomacy. This position is in line with statements that have been made by John McCain to that effect as well as many other republicans.
The U.S. and Israel has been steadily losing support amongst world super powers to even continue the harsh sanctions that America has levied against Iran in lieu of their nuclear ambitions. The door was closing swiftly on the only option that America has had so far to thwart Iran from producing a nuclear bomb. These negotiations were seen as the last chance any superpower had to stem these ambitions or regulate Iran in any manner. This is due in large part to the ineffectiveness of the sanctions. Iran has still risen to be one of the strongest nations in the region. This initiative began under Hillary Clinton’s guidance when she was Secretary of State, and she is credited with setting the groundwork. This is the latest in a long list of Obama accomplishments in the last few weeks