Congressman Embraces Transgendered Child


An 8-year old girl named Malisa was born as a transgendered child. Malisa was born as a boy, but she quickly began to dress and act like a girl. Malisa loved Barbie dolls and dressing like a princess. She showed early signs of being a transgendered person. Malisa’s grandfather is Mike Honda, and he happens to be a congressman from California. Mike Honda posted a picture on his Facebook with Malisa, and he said that he was very proud to have a transgendered grandchild. Malisa’s family was happy when they saw the picture. wrote that Mike Honda inspired a lot of people when he put that picture up on Facebook. Malisa’s family soon received several messages from Facebook users. Malisa’s mother and grandfather were praised by many, and Facebook users said that transgendered child are no longer afraid of being different. Malisa’s family took the young girl to several doctors, and together they will decide what’s best for Malisa in the future. This is a beautiful story, and Malisa can have a normal life thanks to her family. For more information on this story, visit msnbc.