Profiling Jonathan Veitch


Jonathan Veitch was born in Southern California in the city of Los Angeles.

He is the child of a prominent Hollywood family. His step-grandfather was the actor Alan Ladd, and his father was John Veitch, who was the president of Columbia Pictures.

. He taught in two other universities prior to becoming the President of Occidental College in 2009.
His expertise in the New School, which is in New York City, was an associate professor of literature and history. His fields of specialization include 19th and 20th century American literature and cultural history, and American film.

Mr. Veitch possesses a B.A.from the Stanford University, a M.A. from Harvard University, and also a PhD, from Harvard University. He is very versed in his realm of education.

He became the president of the Occidental College in 2009, replacing an interim Dean of the college. Since his becoming the President of the college, he has had a positive effect from adding two hundred miles of bike lanes to the campus to turning much of the campus into a streetscape friendly place. He has a vision of what then Occidental college can become and by incorporating public people to guide him, his vision will become a reality.

Because of his leadership Occidental College has finished the construction of the Samuelson Alumni center. This will be the first permanent home for Alumni’s Association since it was organized in 1894. Occidental College had some important people attend like our President Barach Obama.

Jonathan Veitch not only is upgrading buildings but also helping it to go green by installing 4,886 solar panels, which will help save electrical usage and save the college an estimated $250,000 yearly.

Jonathan Veitch has not only become a good president for this college but he is not finished yet. He wants to begin to have Occidental College reflect the diversity of Los Angeles, not only because of the rich cultural and social resources but also because of the location. This will mean that all racial, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds will be incorporated. By accomplishing this Mr. Veitch is hoping to build a community where there is more tolerance toward others and respect.

If he can succeed in doing this in just one college, let’s hope that his type of approach can become a trademark for our entire country.