CEO of BMG Recap


The Consumer Electronics Show is held in Las Vegas, Nevada every year. According to an article posted on the website, the first Consumer Electronics Show was held in New York City in 1967. The CES brings manufacturers and consumers together under one roof so ideas can be exchanged and concepts tested before they are introduced to the mass market. A number of ground-breaking items have been introduced at CES, according to Marcio Alaor, the Executive Vice-President and Director of BMG Bank in Brazil.

Alaor remembers when the VCR was introduced in 1970 and when the compact disc player made its first appearance in 1981. Plasma TV’s came along in 2001 and Blu-ray DVD’s in 2003. The 2017 CES will be another great show, according to Alaor. A plethora of other inventions for a variety of industries will change the lifestyles and business models around the world in the future.

Marcio Alaor is no stranger to change. Alaor has watched the Brazilian auto industry go through a series of changes. In another article, Alaor talks about General Motors and Ford and how those companies changed the dynamics of the car industry in Brazil. An article discusses Marcio’s connection to his hometown of San Antonio do Monte, and how he helped that small community grow from a farming-based society to an industrial-based society. San Antonio city officials honored Marcio by naming the food court in the new urban mall after him.

The official Marcio Alaor website has a great deal of information about BMG Bank and the growth the bank has experienced over the last 85 years. Alaor started his banking career with Ricardo Guimarães. Ricardo is a third generation banker and the current president of BMG Bank. Both men share a love for banking and soccer.

When Ricardo Guimarães asked the executive team to put a plan together to sponsor the Minas Gerais soccer club, Alaor got the executive committee to agree on a sponsorship plan for one club, and he also got the committee to agree to invest more money in other football clubs if that sponsorship succeeded. Guimarães told an interviewer that Alaor’s faith in the sponsorship program is the main reason the BMG Bank logo is now a recognizable brand in every state in Brazil.

In a recent tweet, Alaor said BMG Bank is the largest sponsor of soccer in the country.

White Shark Media Reaches Out To Customers In Need Of Marketing Assistance


White Shark Media is a top notch marketing and advertising firm for online businesses. The company has an excellent Facebook page where customers may find more information, and there is a link to the company’s website. Anyone who needs assistance with their marketing and digital ads may come to White Shark Media for help, and the White Shark Media team will immediately begin work on a new marketing plan. This article explains how White Shark Media helps its clients improve their web traffic.

#1: What Does White Shark Media Do?

White Shark Media does everything the client needs from the opening of a website to the beginning of an online marketing campaign. The team at White Shark Media will begin a marketing campaign that will publicize the site on every corner of the Internet, and the advertising will be targeted at people who are most likely to shop with the client. White Shark’s team will continue to update the marketing strategy to ensure good results.

#2: Website Design

The website that customers visit must look beautiful, and the White Shark Media staff will begin work on a website that is beautiful in every respect. The website may be rewritten to improve optimization, and the site will be designed to be appealing to the eye. The developers at White Shark Media will tinker with the site until it looks perfect, and design changes may occur in the future when clients need to make a change. Seasonal and special occasion designs are necessary, and White Shark Media will make all these changes.

#3: Ad Tracking And Monitoring

The team at White Shark Media will track and monitor the ads used for each client, and the ads will be adjusted to increase results. An ad that is not performing well will be replaced with an ad that is going to offer better results. Reports are sent to the client regularly, and the reports explain the performance of each ad that is included in the client’s package.

The White Shark Media office is expert in web design and marketing. There are design and ad packages that will help customers invigorate their websites, and the websites created by White Shark Media will look better than any other design the client has used. Web traffic will increase with help from the marketing plan created by White Shark Media, and their Facebook page offers information for those who wish to get started.


FreedomPop Refuses to Sell, Focuses on Investors


As reported by Recode, the team at FreedomPop have opted not to sell their suddenly bejeweled company. The startup tech group first launched in 2012 with the goal of creating a freemium mobile carrier that could go toe to toe with some of the bigger companies currently on the market. While it has taken three years to get to where they are today, it appears that the hard work has finally paid off. Though rumors persisted that FreedomPop had decided to sell their company, CEO Stephen Stokols put them all to bed.

Stokols spoke in an interview that he believed the decision to sell “felt premature”. Stokols went on to detail that the company had received multiple offers, with the number rumored to be at six total. Stokols hinted that these offers were up to “several hundred million dollars”. The decision not to sell weighed heavily on Stokols mind but he foudn some peace in the HBO television show ‘Silicon Valley’. ‘Silicon Valley’ details the story of a group of coders that refuse to sell their product and instead bet on themselves in order to make it bigger than ever.

FreedomPop is focused on providing a freemium mobile platform to a niche demographic of cell phone buyers. Their focus is on providing customers with a limited amount of free minutes, mobile data, and text messages. The team at FreedomPop makes their money by charging additional money for overages as well as for any number of their extensive plans: phone insurance, international calling plans, and so on.

We recently got news that Partech Ventures, partnered with DCM and Mangrove Capital, have bulk contributed $30 million in venture capital for FreedomPop. Stokols plans to leverage that investment toward his 18 month building plan with the end goal being box store distribution and a billion dollar company.

North Korea Suffered Internet Failure


According to the director in Internet analysis, Doug Madory of Dyn Research, an Internet performance management company, North Korea’s Internet became unstable late Friday, worsened over the weekend and went completely black by Monday. Mr. Madory said that the networks were under duress and that their routers were under a DDoS attack. A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack occurs when attackers flood a network with traffic until it collapse under the load.

The country only has 1,024 Internet protocol address and does very little commercial or government business over the Internet. The state-run Internet provider, Star Joint Venture routes many of their connections through China’s state-owned telecommunications company China Unicom. San Francisco based CloudFlare, an Internet company, confirmed that North Korea network has went away completely.

CloudFlare said that the country’s Internet connection was showing signs of life around 5:00 pm ET but traffic had not yet returned. The loss of Internet access would mostly affect the country’s elite, its propagandists, state-run media channels, and its cyber-warriors, and if there is one thing I know, my colleague Ben Shaoul and I won’t be anywhere near the North Korean dead zone.