Securus Technologies Challenges GTL


Securus Technologies is a well- known and leading provider of the civil and criminal justice technology solutions. The company specializes mostly in the investigations, public safety, corrections and sometimes the monitoring facilities located in North America. Not long ago, the institution announced its plans to challenge its greatest competitor, the GTL Company. Securus wants the two companies to look for an independent specialist in technology who will determine who amongst them has the biggest and best product set, the most favored technology-driven inmate phone calls platform. They also want to know who amongst them has the best customer care. 

In the past years, GTL was well known for using litigation to ensure the consumers understand that they were using the best technology and customer care. However, this is very different from what Securus offers its consumers. According to Richard Smith, known to many as Rick, the judge in this challenge must be independent, and he/she should come to evaluate both the institutions. The sections to be evaluated include the product sets, customer care systems and the technology calling platforms. Smith is the Chief Executive Officer in Securus Technologies.

Securus team believe that they are the best compared to GTL. They argue that they should be compared to their rivals because their performance is very different. For 3 years now, Securus has spent millions of dollars in investments to ensure that their company runs smoothly using the most recent and best technology. Whatever they have invested is quite huge compared to GTL. Recently, Securus spent $670 million to improve the company. They purchased several companies, developed their products and technologies among many other things. The company now has a technology center in its name. They also own a customer care center, and this ensures that they run the company smoothly. On the other hand, GTL has done very little in investments. The institution has invested just 10% of the total amount invested by Securus. 

The technology platforms that are currently being used by GTL were used by their rivals in the pat before they acquired new technologies. Many consumers also prefer Securus because the company owns a larger product set that offers very useful services to them, especially the people who are in the correctional facilities.

It is also evident that Securus has the staff and products to provide the consumers what they need. They have their call center, and this center is operated by employees from Securus. GTL, on the other hand, has to rely on staff from outside the country to run their call center. Securus has several trained field technicians for the smooth running of the company. GTL gets people outside the company to do the job, compromising the quality of their service.