Republican Party Still the Party for the Rich


Briefly it appeared that the Republican Party might change direction in order to appeal more to middle-class voters but now that dream seems to have passed. Jonathan Chait charts the demise of the Republican reformicons in his New York Times article, indicating that the party still favors the rich far more than any other economic group. The withering away of campaign-finance restrictions may have helped the stalwarts of the familiar trickle-down approach to secure the status quo.

Chait also admits that those who wanted to change the direction of the party may not have been as reformist as they claimed. Marco Rubio and Mike Lee were two of the most visible Republicans delivering a pro middle-class message and yet their plan to change the tax structure would still see the lion’s share of cuts given to the richest in the land. Imaging advantage suggest that once the plan was analyzed by the Tax Policy Center it found that the poor and middle-class would save only 1/2 to 1 percent of their annual income due to tax breaks but the wealthiest in the nation would save nearly 3 percent according to numbers from AuntMinnie. When the dust settles it may be that even the most progressive wing of the Republican Party never intended to help anyone but the rich.