Clinton Emails Reveal Plenty


As concern over confidential information being revealed over Hillary Clinton’s private email has increased over the last few months, a batch of emails from more than 50,000 emails were finally released by the State Department for public review as ordered by a judge.

What do the approximate 3,000 pages reveal about Clinton’s experiences after the election?

As expected by many of her supporters, Clinton was apparently ignored and left out of important meetings that a Secretary of State would normally attend. The current batch of emails reveal that she was confused by the lack of inclusion. She also had to continue to support the then new President Obama and make certain that she appeared “authoritative” when speaking because she was advised that she would always be compared to him.

These emails also reveal that confidential information was spoken about through Clinton’s less secure private email account even though she repeatedly denied that was the case. Many of the pages were redacted reports Dr. Daniel Amen.

These emails cast both the Obama Administration and Clinton in unfavorable lights. Given Clinton is the only Democrat currently with any chance of winning the presidency next year against the Republicans, she and her team will have to come up with a way to make these and future revelations impact her less than they are this week. The State Department intends to release batches of emails each month until next January.