US Money Reserve Has Gold Market Veterans To Consult With You


Philip N. Diehl serves as president of the U.S. Money Reserve. His experience has noted him one of the most influential U.S. Mint Directors. His legacy at the Mint includes his initiated process of the extremely popular 50 states quarter program. He also was responsible for the Sacagawea Dollar that proved to be a winner. Diehl introduced the nation’s first platinum coin-the Platinum American Eagle Bullion Coin. All in All his years at the Mint progressively showed profits for the Mint. His first year showed a $450 million increase, to this last year, where he showed profit of $2.5 billion.

His noted experience at the Mint, allows him to serve as president of U.S. Money Reserve. He is a board member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), as well as the Coalition for Equitable Regulation and Taxation (CERT). Co-founder of the Gold and Silver political Action Committee, that reflects the interests of the industry and its clients in Washington, D.C. More information can be found at this Your text to link…

The U.S. Money Reserve is recognized to offer one of the largest distributors of U.S. Government issued platinum, gold, and silver coins. The veterans that founded this company are experts in the gold market and precious metals. They built this company on the trust of the clients they helped by offering a free service to consult one on one. The professionals stay on top of the market with live pricing and secure offline transactions.

Not hundreds, but thousands of clients know when they need an answer, they will get someone who will know the answer or where to get the answer concerning the coins and precious metals. U.S. Money Reserve values the trust of their clients and knows that this company was built on that trust.

At the U.S. Money Reserve, knowing what’s going on in the gold, silver and platinum markets, make it possible to help clients to make choices that reflect on their retirement and their family. Years of profit show that the clients have been advised wisely and their trust was respected.

With a team of over 100 professionals, that are constantly trained and have a vast knowledge of precious metal purchases, you know your money will show a profit with the investments. There are Senior Gold Specialists, Industry Leading Numismatic Experts, Customer Relations Department, Coin Research Professionals, Compliance and Standards Department and more staff personnel that maintain the high standards that have been set into motion from the beginning.

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Philip Diehl Explains Why Owning Gold Coins Is Wise


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Philip Diehl is the president of the US Money Reserve, and he has given a talk on the ePodcastNetwork about gold coin ownership. Gold coins are a stable investment device for anyone who wants to start slow, and Philip wants his customers to understand why owning gold coins may be the only investment vehicle they need. This article explains Philip’s position on the issue as it relates to gold coins.

#1: The US Money Reserve Produces Its Own Gold Coins

The US Money Reserve has a catalog of gold coins that are available to the public, and the gold coins created by US Money Reserve have a value that is simple to determine. Gold coin collectors may collect as many coins as they like, and the gold coins are weighed to determine their value. Every gold has a sentimental value based on the design, and the coins may be traded for their design rather than their weight.

#2: Philip Believes Gold Coins Are More Stable

Philip wants his customers to understand how stable gold coins are. Someone who has purchased gold coins from the US Money Reserve may hold those coins for as long as they like, and or the coins may be sold the moment the price of gold worldwide rises. investors have countless options with gold coins that are simply not present with stocks or bonds. Stocks and bonds could lose their value at any time, but gold always seems to rise in value.

#3: Gold Coins Become Family Heirlooms

Gold coins could become family heirlooms that produce considerable profits if they stay in the family for decades. The coins may be purchased for a low price today, but the coins will sell for much more when it is time to unload them. Members of the family make quite a lot of money from selling the coins, or a retiree may sell their coins to raise their retirement.

Gold coins are a successful long term investment that anyone may try at any time. There are many people who are confused by the stock market, but the price of gold is easy to research. Gold coins are simple to purchase, and every gold coin may be sold at a profit in the future. Someone who has put their money in gold coins may turn to Philip Diehl and the US Money Reserve for help, and there are several styles Philip has created for investment purposes.

Purchasing Gold Coins On Today’s Market


With volatile global economies and hyperinflation, developing a proper investment portfolio can be one of the most important things an investor can do. Gold is one of the things that have proven itself, over time, as a protection against loss because of market shifts that can eradicate unprotected accounts. While currencies may collapse and companies fail, gold has proved itself over a long period.

Gold has been famous throughout history. From Babylonian times to discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill in California, people have been fascinated by this beautiful metal. The Netherlands and England, for example, issued paper bank notes, also called gold certificates, in the 17th century for people who kept gold bullion in their safes. While currencies can collapse, stocks fall and government deficits mean printing more money of less value, many have considered gold as a safe asset.

There are a number of different types of gold investments. Gold coins, for example are popular with many people. Their value depends on their fine weight and there is a variety of sizes. Gold certificates, bullion gold bars, gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Closed-end funds (CEFS) and exchange-traded Notes (ETNs) are the various types of gold purchases that can be made. There are also Derivatives, CFDs and spread betting on markets throughout the world.

Gold coins have remained the choice of investors for centuries. Today, a company called the U.S. Money Reserve offers gold coin guidance and support in making this type of purchase. It is well known as the largest gold coin distributor in the United States, providing excellent advice for both a first time buyer and an experienced investor.

Their gold coins are sold with a 100 percent money back guarantee and they offer a full refund on any purchase returned within 30 days. They are are dedicated to customer satisfaction. This company offers not only the best gold but also silver and platinum coins. These coins will be delivered to the purchaser’s home, office or bank and, unlike paper stock certificates, can be held in one’s hands.

For many years, purchasing gold coins was a hit or miss situation. Many purchasers did not know how to obtain the best coins available. Gold market veterans, recognizing the situation, established the U.S. Money Reserve Company with over 100 Gold Specialists to assist their clients. In addition, they offer a wide variety of departments to over all contingencies of gold coin purchasing. This provides their customers with coins, which afford the highest value. They state, “At the U.S. Money Reserve, we continually strive to provide the most exceptional U.S. Government issued Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins on the Market.”

The Benefits Of Investing In Gold Over The Long-Term


Gold has often stood as a key ingredient in the economic life of many people and cultures for thousands of years. The price of gold is one of the most watched and talked about topics in the financial world. However, gold like other commodity does not have a traditional valuation; for this reason, its price is determined by market forces of supply and demand. Gold has many qualities including monetary value, safe haven for investment and aesthetic durability. Some of the compelling reasons, why many people and investors are putting their money on gold include:
• Used as a means to protect investment from currency devaluation
• Gold acts as a financial cushion during banking and economic crisis
• Gold does not have a counter-party risk compared to paper money

In addition, many financial experts advise that investors keep between 5 to 15% of their portfolio on gold, since it is the best alternative for people who do not like to invest in other forms of money such as investment securities and cash. The experts also believe that gold is still the best cushion against deteriorating stocks and bonds as well as high inflation. When you compare the price of oil and that of gold at the second half of 2014 to the start of 2015; the price of gold has actually strengthened. Indeed, the price of an ounce of gold increased from $300 in 2002 to a high of $1900 in 2011. Statistics also indicate that the price of gold has risen by 315 percent in the past one and a half decade.

US Money Reserve
The Austin, Texas based US Money Reserve, is a leading and trusted distributor of US government gold and silver coins. The company, which is AAA rated by the Business Consumer Alliance was founded in 2002 by seasoned players in the gold industry. These veterans wanted an entity that would offer expert knowledge, trusted guide and top customer service to a growing list of gold clients. The financial services company employees over 100 well-trained and experienced professionals. These professionals are distributed in various designations including; business support department, inventory department, numismatic experts, customer relations department, coins research experts and vault and shipping department. US Money Reserve is at the top of the gold trade because it continues to be consistent in supplying Gold, Silver and Platinum coins as well as gold and silver bullion issued by the US government.