Charles Koch The Entrepreneur Trailblazer


Charles Koch is an American entrepreneur and contributor who is a partner of Koch Industries. Charles Koch was born in Wichita, Kansas. He graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in general engineering. He later received his Master of Science degree in nuclear and chemical engineering. His father was an industrial engineer who founded the company name Koch Industries. Charles Koch joined his father’s company, Koch Industries located in Wichita, Kansas in 1961. In 1967, he was named Chairman Of The Board and Chief Executive Officer of Koch Industries, Inc. Currently, Koch Industries are valued at an estimate of one hundred billion dollars.

Charles Koch has played a vital role in the major growth of the Koch Industries when he first took over the company in 1967. The company was valued at about one hundred and eighty million dollars, but today the company value has exceeded over one hundred billion dollars. In 2005, the company experiences a huge growth when they purchased Georgia Pacific for twenty-one billion dollars. Koch Industries have several locations in more than sixty countries, with more than sixty thousand employees in the United States and one hundred thousand employees globally.

Charles Koch is the President of the Charles Koch Foundation, which is an educational program that finances investigation groups and traditional journalism. In 2015, Mr. Koch was the only contributor to the foundation, with a donation of one hundred and sixty-eight million dollars. In 2014 several family trusts, including one in his name, provided most of the income to the foundation.

Charles has obtained numerous honors and recognition, due to his dedication to his involvement in cultural, economic, national and political agencies. In 2008, Charles Koch received an Honorary Doctorate degree from George Mason University for scholarships and grants that he donated to the university.

Information shows that in the year 2014 the Charles Koch Foundation presented George Mason University and the Institute for Humane Studies a very rich monetary endowment for over sixteen million dollars. Just recently the Charles Koch Foundation made a nice donation of ten million dollars for the George Mason Law School along with the Mercatus Center. The Mercatus Center is an investigation group that performs research in order to provide information to the government.

For over fifty years Koch has consistently provided financial support towards educational and public policy, investigation, focusing on solutions to cultural challenges.

What is Solo Capital?


Solo Capital is a company that has worked to provide their clients with all of the options that typical consulting firms offer with extraordinary customer service. This firm is dedicated not only to making their own money but to making money for their clients. They have worked to provide all of their clients with the services that they need to be able to profit.

There are many sectors that are included in the Solo Capital business. The most notable are the investment and trading sector as well as the consultant sector. Each of these two things provides information to clients and gives them the solutions that they need to be able to make and save money while they are working to earn their fortune. Solo Capital provides the best solutions and gives expert advice in all of the fields that they are participants in for their business outlook.

Investing and trading can both be tricky especially for clients who have never done either one before. There are certain things that they need to be able to do to ensure that they are making the right investment and certain things they must do to ensure that they are doing the proper trades for their business. There are many ways in which people can make the wrong decision but Solo Capital accounts for all of that in the businesses that they set up with different clients. There are many options when it comes to understanding what clients need to do with their investing and their trading business.

Along with the trading and investing consultations that Solo Capital offers to its clients, it also gives them all around business consultations. This means that the clients are able to ask the firm any questions that they may have concerning the business that they do. They also work to give the clients that they have all of the opportunities that are present in different sectors. They make sure that their clients are satisfied with the business that they provide them with at all times and that they are able to give them expert advice.

Sanjay Shah is the owner and founder of Solo Capital. He recently turned the business into a corporation and has been managing it since its inception. He works to provide clients with everything that they need for their own businesses while successfully running his own. This gives him the wherewithal to provide his clients with the best of the best and with excellent business opportunities. When it comes to consulting, there are endless opportunities that Sanjay Shah has taught his employees. He has even made sure that they are doing things in exactly the same way as he would do them.

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Sanjay Shah Leads Solo Capital Into The Future


Sanjay Shah was on his way to becoming a medical doctor when he had a change of heart, ultimately choosing to take his career in a totally different direction. Being interested in financial matters, he looked toward the banking industry for a career that he could feel comfortable with. Eventually he decided to become an accountant and, through the years, managed to work for several investment banks, including Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. He felt that he was doing the work that he was meant to do.

The financial crisis in 2009 resulted in Sanjay and many others becoming redundant. There were few new jobs during that time, which prompted him to create a brokerage firm of his own, Solo Capital Markets, in 2011. It is an international boutique financial services company that has its headquarters in London, England and is regulated in the United Kingdom. As the founder and CEO of the company, Sanjay Shah leads an experienced group of employees who provide clients with excellent guidance and service. The major business divisions included in Solo Capital Markets are Performance and Human Capital, Talent Acquisition, Proprietary Trading, Commodities, Consulting, Derivatives and Professional Sports Investments.

Mr. Shah had been a sponsor of underprivileged children in India for around ten years when his world was shaken by the diagnosis of his four year old son with autism. Looking for a way to help raise awareness, generate support and money for research, he came up with the idea of coordinating concerts while enjoying a cup of tea with Snoop Dogg. Many famous musical artists have joined in performing for the organization founded by Sanjay Shah. Known as Autism Rocks, the group has been able to make a huge difference in the funding of autism research. Additionally, Mr. Shah and his wife financially support Autism Research Trust, which he became trust director of in January 2013. It regularly donates to Cambridge University’s Autism Research Center.

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The Philanthropic Side of Avi Weisfogel


Avi Weisfogel, a well established dentist from the New Jersey area, has recently launched a GoFundMe Campaign in an effort to raise money for Operation Smile. GoFundMe campaigns are set up by individuals or groups in an attempt to raise money for a particular cause or service. Donations can be made by any individual willing to give of their resources. The non for profit that Weisfogel is raising money for, Operation Smile, works to offer treatment to children around the world that are born with cleft palate and other mouth deformities. The areas that Operation Smile volunteers work areas where there is not a good source of healthcare such as Southeast Asia, Africa and some parts of South America. Operation Smile was started by Dr. William Magee and his wife who decided to begin doing operations in the Philippines to address some of the birth effects like cleft palate. Soon, the demand outgrew their efforts and Operation Smile was established. Now they have hundreds of volunteers that work around the world.

Avi Weisfogel began is studies in Biology and Psychology at Rutger’s University. Soon after that, he continued on to University College of Dentistry in New York where he completed his Dentist degree. Weisfogel quickly began his dentistry work at Old Bridge Dental Care in New Jersey. He established a name for himself in that area and even won an award for the Best Dentist many years. Soon, Weisfogel’s interest turned in another direction: sleep apnea.

Starting out on his own, Avi Weisfogel founded and operated Dental Sleep Masters Seminars which was based out of New Jersey. He dedicated himself to teaching people how to treat their sleeping disorders with a specialization in sleep apnea. The business grew successfully and he has been in this field for over 16 years. Over the years, Weisfogel has spread his knowledge and interest in sleep apnea to fellow dentists. He started Healthy Heart Sleep as well as Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients in an effort to educate fellow doctors and dentists on the causes and cures of sleep apnea. Weisfogel continues work in this area and currently resides in New Jersey.

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Keith and Keely Mann Start Scholarship Program for Professional Achievement


Keith Mann began his professional career in the executive search industry as a managing director at Dynamics Executive Search. In 2002 he formed Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamics Executive Search, sensing that the hedge fund industry was not being sufficiently served by the executive search industry. In 2006 Keith Mann furthered his endeavors into the private equity industry, and in 2009, he formed Dynamics Search Partners, an executive search firm where he is currently CEO. Keith Mann works with firms in the United States, Asia and Europe.

In an article published by Business Wire, the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement award was announced. The award is available to one senior from one of the Uncommon School’s Brooklyn high schools. Keith Mann is a known philanthropist.

The Keith and Keely Mann scholarship is open to all graduating seniors who attend any of the Uncommon Charter High Schools in Brooklyn, New York. This year’s application process will be open until Feb. 29, 2016. One lucky winner will be determined by the end of March 2016, and he or she will receive a $5,000 scholarship which can be used towards their college tuition at any college or university of their choice.

Uncommon Schools was formed to found, manage and run numerous urban charter, public schools. These charter, public schools are dedicated to closing the achievement gap for students from poor families and prepare these students to attend and graduate from college.

In 2015-2016, Uncommon Schools managed a network of 44 charter, public schools across Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York serving over 14,000 students in grades K-12.

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Sanjay Shah Leads Solo Capital Into Stellar Earnings


Solo Capital, an international boutique financial services company has performed a rescue merger as speculated the company, lead by Sanjay Shah, will either take-over or merge with the natural resources stock brokerage firm, Old Park Lane Capital. Old Park Lane was set up in 2007 by its present CEO, Michael Parnes and deals mostly in international dual listings, CFDs and equities trading. Solo Capital has already established a presence within the firm with an appointment of it’s chief executive, Anne Stratford-Martin to Park Lane’s board of directors with hopes to bolster the profitability of the slumping company.

Solo Capital was incorporated in September 2011, specializing in professional sports investments, proprietary trading and consulting. Within four years the company has pared well with a cash flow of £30.26 million and assets of £67.45 million. As reported in The Sunday Times, Mr. Shah himself has also had a bumper year and was able to pay himself £19 million at the end of fiscal year 2013. Solo Capital’s divers group of professionals are leaders in the niche market of professional sports investments including talent acquisition as well as acting as commercial advisors and representatives.

Sanjay Shah started his education studying medicine yet decided to take another route into the world of financial business. Working as an accountant he amassed an impressive resume employed by top financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch until the 2007-2008 economic disaster made his job redundant. Instead of settling for have been a modest position with another firm, Mr. Shah started his own brokerage company, aptly named Solo Capital.

These days Sanjay Shah spends much of his time working on behalf of the charity he founded when he and his wife discovered their youngest son was autistic. His foundation, Autism Rocks, is committed to raising awareness and advancing research to cure autism. The idea was born while he entertained rapper Snoop Dogg at his home in Dubai. The first invitation only Autism Rocks concert was held in 2014 and featured super entertainer Prince. The success of the initial has led to others featuring such well known musicians as Micheal Buble, Drake, Lenny Kravitz as well as many well known DJs.

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The 411 on Solo Capital and its Leader Sanjau Shah


In September 2011, the beginnings of Solo Capital came about to add another big name to the global financial sector. The company, headquartered in London, England, specializes in financial consulting, proprietary trading, and major sports investments. The company is well on its way to financial success, as it has an asset value of £67.45 million, along with a cash flow of £30.26 million. Its current net worth is at a very stable £15.45 million as of March 2015. (WordPress)

The company’s great beginnings were thanks in part to founder and current CEO Sanjay Shah, whose vast successes in the financial industry have spurred the firms’ quick success. His banking history goes back 14 years, where he has worked most notably at Morgan Stanley as both a consultant and manager, as well as group CEO for State Street Bank and Trust. (ZoomInfo) He also held a Senior Advisory role at KPMG LLP, an audit tax and advisory firm.

Shah holds a unique background, as he originally studied medicine before deciding on going into accounting. He held other accounting positions at places like Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse, but his experience at Morgan Stanley helped him create an opportunity to start his own brokerage firm after the financial crisis in 2009. Like his career path, he is known to take less fortunate situations and turn them into positive investments, very evident at the high profile boutique financial services company that Solo Capital is today.

Shah has also used his success to investment as a huge donor and founder of Autism Rocks, an organization designed for raising awareness of autism and fundraising money for university research on the well-known disease. The Solo Capital CEO has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to research organizations particularly to Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre. Part of his desire to contribute to the cause is due in part to a personal nature, as his son became diagnosed with the disease back in 2011.

It is Shah’s hardwork and dedication towards an organization that allows it to shine bright in any situation. Solo Capital has seen itself rise to a level of global recognition with Shah in the driver’s seat from day one, and will likely continue to rise higher so long as he is calling the shots.

Avi Weisfogel Fundraises With GoFundMe for New Smiles


The enterprising, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has teamed up with other volunteers from Operation Smile to change the lives of children. Dr. Weisfogel has also committed his passion for helping others to raise funds for the mission with a GoFundMe campaign. “I’m honored to meet these young patients and their families and transform malformations into smiles,” says Dr. Weisfogel. Surprisingly, just $240 pays for the surgery and in under an hour a child’s life changes for the better.

Founded in 1982, Operation Smile became a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to treating children with cleft lip and palate. In most strong economies this malformation is surgically repaired shortly after birth by a routine intervention, which only leaves a small scar. In less developed countries, however, the situation looks quite different. A cleft lip and palate can be a significant impairment, both physically and mentally. The malformation can cause trouble with daily living skills like breathing, and eating and communicating, and the child is often exposed to other various social problems, such as an exclusion from society. Today, more than 200,000 kids have been treated in 60 countries.

“My support of Operation Smile was an easy decision for me,” says Dr. Weisfogel. Wanting to extend his devotion to new smiles, Dr. Weisfogel embraced the mission of providing free smiles by starting his GoFundMe campaign. All proceeds go to support the mission of Operation Smile.

A quick glance of Avi Weisfogel’s career and you’ll find an impressive archive. After earning a Rutgers University baccalaureate degree, and a Doctorate of Dentistry from New York University, Weisfogel opened his own dental care facility in New Jersey. Years of accolades and landing on the best dentist lists showcased his skills and business savvy. His quick success, and eye for innovation led him to venture out of general dentistry and pursue facets of dental medicine. He co-founded Dental Sleep Masters, focusing on sleep apnea, capturing a national loyal following. From there, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been recognized for his perspectives on giving back. Like many multifaceted healthcare professionals, Avi Weisfogel likes expanding his experience to include donating time to Operation Smile.

If there’s anyone who should know what a smile can do to a room, it would certainly be Avi. “Many times people forget how uplifting a smile can be, and I’m just honored to be involved in such a worthy project,” adds Dr. Weisfogel. With pragmatic determination, he continues his quest with his global GoFundMe campaign. Follow  Avi on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on his campaign.