Greg Secker: Demystifying Forex Trading


Greg Secker has shown a remarkable understanding of forex trading built over years of experience working and investing in the financial services industry especially in the forex trading sector. As a serial investor in foreign exchange markets, Mr. Secker has deep industry knowledge and has sought to share his knowledge and experience through various platforms including founding several companies including Learn to Trade. Through the award-winning company, Greg Secker has provided valuable insight on forex trading that extends beyond its mere definition. His valuable tips include how to identify the right moment to opt for forex trading and how to excel as an investor in the sector. Mr. Secker believes the right best indicator to invest in the sector differs for each individual. However, he holds that the current turmoil globally marked by increasing inflation rates, stagnation in wage growth and historically low interest rates presents a suitable opportunity to invest in forex trading.

To succeed in forex trading, Greg Secker advises that investors ought to learn the basics of how the industry operates and find and emulate a successful investor and mentor in the industry. Investors interested in forex trading are also advised to learn and specialize in at least one leading trading approach. Moreover, they should be less emotional, more realistic and aptly goal-oriented. These tips will help them enjoy the numerous benefits of forex trading.

Greg Secker’s Career and Education Profile

Greg Secker graduated from the University of Nottingham in 1997 where he studied for his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture and Food Sciences. However, he developed a keen interest in technology especially computing while at the university. He specialized in programming and coding, which provide him with a leeway into the financial services industry as a technologist for Thomas Cook Financial Services while in campus. He worked for the company for a few years where he developed Virtual Trading Desk. His invention won him the British Telecom Award.

He later moved to Mellon Financial Corporation as the company vice president. He rubbed shoulders with some of the best forex traders and investors, which further cemented his interest in the sector. He retired in 2003 to pursue his passion in forex trading and philanthropy. He founded several companies and a charitable organization to further his interests.