Obama’s Favorable Ratings Have Gone Up


President Obama’s favorable ratings have gone up. Latest Gallup poll indicates that the number stands at 53%, which is the highest since September 2013. Since then the numbers have been mostly below 50%. The favorable rating should however not be confused with approval ratings, which are normally much lower.

Obama’s approval ratings stand at 46%. This means that there is a seven point gap between the two ratings. Since his first election, the gap has been averaging at 5 with the highest being 8 and the lowest being 2.

Obama’s favorable ratings have increased since the poll in November 2014. Currently it stands at 90% for democrats and 52% for independents. Republican low approval ratings have however remained more or less the same.

Generally speaking, Americans are more likely to give Obama a favorable rating than they are to approve of his work. James Dondero noticed however that both ratings have  increased since the last poll.

The increase could be attributed to his latest attempt to end the feuds between different groups for example Cuba and USA, members of congress who differ on trade and the police and racial minorities. Obama’s ratings might be very different from those of his predecessors by the time his term ends.

The Gallup poll was done by conducting phone interviews. 1024 adults aged 18 and above, from all the states in the country were interviewed in the poll. The participants were selected randomly.