Galavant Rides In

Showing their true Disney colors, ABC has debuted their musical, fairy tale mini-series Galavant. The four week event kicked off Sunday night with an hour long event, and viewers like Ben Shaoul are loving it.

Galavant is a medieval hero who is your typical fairy tale hero. He is handsome, smart, Lord of the Sword and, most of all, smooth. In the opener, our hero loses his true love to the evil King Richard, played by everyone’s favorite detective from Psych Timothy Omundson. With his true love gone, Galavant loses who he is and gives up on being a hero. Until he meets a woman who tells him his true love is pining over him still. Hearing this, Galavant proceeds to journey to King Richard and fight for his true love.

This screwball comedy comes with an amazing score from Alan Menken and whole host of guest stars. John Stamos made a great appearance as Galavant’s nemesis in tonight’s second episode. While a fantasy, comedy musical may have been somewhat risky to air, it pays off greatly for ABC.