Trump Is Feeling The Heat From His Insensitivity Toward Mexico


Singer/Actress Roselyn Sanchez And Actor Cristian De La Fuente Were Slated To Co-Host The Miss Universe Pageant And They Both Pulled Out

Roselyn Sanchez is a Puerto Rican singer/actress. Roselyn is not Mexican, but she knows when her Latino culture is being insulted. Sanchez decided to pull out of the Miss Universe Pageant because Donald Trump did what no should do in her opinion. Trump told the world that Mexicans are bringing bad things to the states, and it has to stop. Trump was referring to drugs, crime and other dastardly deeds. The presidential candidate came down hard on Mexico, and he is feeling the backlash where it hurts; in his fat wallet.

Sanchez is not the only person upset over Trump’s handy remarks. Trump’s partners at NBC are distancing themselves from their “fair-haired boy.” Other people are boycotting the pageant as well. Univision won’t televise the pageant, and Trump said he’s going to sue them.

All this negative publicity is still publicity to Trump. Mexico is not happy with him, and that may be his biggest problem. Even though there are issues between the US and Mexico, there is a strong bond that holds the two countries together. Trump’s words violate that bond in the minds of some people.