The Passion of Dr. Akhil Reddy of MB2 Dental


Residents living in Carrollton TX are graced with the professional and knowledgeable skill of Dr. Akhil Reddy, a Doctor of Dental Surgery at MB2 Dental. Dr. Reddy brings passion to his profession that leaves positive impressions with his patients. His passions are geared towards practicality and being able to make fundamental differences in the lives of others. Dr. Reddy likes to “get in there”, literally, as he ensures that every dental patient he sees receives world-class dental care from him and his team at MB2 Dental.Dr. Reddy has made a successful resume as an entrepreneurial dentist. Just like any other business man, Dr. Reddy had to take risks, but his drive to make a difference with this talent remained paramount.

Dr. Reddy moved back to Texas right after graduate school to start his own practice. This fresh start was not without its share of challenges, but Dr. Reddy ensured that he pressed over every hill in his journey to be successful. As he pressed, he learned valuable lessons along the way and the challenges he faced as a young Dentist would prove to serve him in the successes that he is achieving today. Dr. Reedy is humble about the amount of growth that he has experienced since the opening of his first dental practice. He feels that the baby steps from then to now have proven that persistence and a will to achieve will always reap wonderful rewards in the end.

Today, Dr. Reddy takes part in MB2 Dental, one of the largest Dental operations in the US. MB2 Dental is a partner organization of Dental offices that offers wide ranging resources for Dentists who hope to bring great dental care to their neighborhood. Dr. Reddy has used this to the advantage of his core nature of always wanting to be a source of help to others. He readily takes on opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others whether it’s the lives of patients or the lives of his staff. He is a people-person at heart and at the heart of his passion for dentistry is the chance to make an impact on someone else. Every now and then, he sees the ambition in a new dental employee and he remembers when years ago, it was he that was starting out without any real idea of what was ahead for him. He knows the importance of mentorship and he willingly offers to mentor in order to help the future generation of dental professionals carry on the high mark of excellence that he is currently engraving.

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MB2 Dental Solutions Provides Answers For Busy Dentists


MB2 Dental Solutions is an all in one answer to effective dental clinic management that incorporates every modern solution to office management. One of the biggest challenges that dentists face when operating a private practice or part of a dental clinic team that relies on traditional methods is to perform office management.


A dental office needs to juggle patients, records, compliance, equipment and many other issues that are required to run an effective clinic. There is an answer to these problems. MB2 Dental Solutions provides everything a practice needs to succeed. They provide their dentist affiliates the most qualified staff to run their business office. They carefully select all of the employees so that they are a great match and are able to carry out all of the duties that are necessary. They also furnish all of the equipment used in the office including phones, fax machines, printer, computers, and any other equipment that is needed. They also provide dental office equipment that is used to treat patients.


Dentists that become affiliates have a great advantage because they are provided with everything that they may need including information on the latest dental procedures and technology. They take care of all of the details that are important for a dentist’s clinic to run smoothly. Every detail of office management is seen to for their affiliate locations. They currently have over sixty individual offices located across the country and are continuing to expand. They are always on the lookout for new affiliate dentists that are looking for a common-sense way to achieve a successful practice. By becoming an affiliate, dentists can get a boost when it comes to good business practices. They don’t have to worry about anything but providing the very best services for their patients. The staff that is provided can keep up with appointments, reminders, billing and all other business related services.


Dentists stand to reap many benefits from MB2 Dental Solutions but probably the most important benefit is the ability to focus all of their attention on doing what they love, keeping their patient’s teeth beautiful and healthy.