Gyrocopter Pilot Rejects Plea Deal For Landing On The White House Lawn


Douglas Hughes is a mailman that wanted to be heard. The only way to get his personal message to Congressman was to pilot a gyrocopter, fill his mail sack with a letter to every Congressman, and land on the White House lawn. Hughes told each Congressman in those letters to stop taking money from power brokers in Washington.

The postal worker landed his gyrocopter safely, no one was hurt, and no damage was done, but the government still wants to lock Hughes up for violating White House security. The prosecutors in the case will push for hard jail time once the case goes to trial.

Hughes did break a law or two when he decided to complete this act of civil disobedience, but James Dondero doesn’t think he should spend time in jail. Community service and a fine would work better in this case. The country doesn’t need another non-violent offender behind bars for an act that should be classified as a misdemeanor not a felony. Once again, prosecutors let their legal training get in the way of common sense.