The Trumpster, Covert Democrat


Donald Trump is the greatest democrat of all time. Covertly he enters the race as a brash player that says every inflammatory thing that he can muster. It shows the republicans for the circus that their party has become. The beautiful thing about the Donald is that he knows that his statements are inflammatory, and that is what he achieves. Not a single person can name a single policy position that Donald has proposed. Additionally, with the current method by which republican debate players will be chosen in the republican primary, Donald Trump will receive a debate invitation when many credible republicans will not. The criteria is based on receiving a certain percentage of the national polls. Keith Mann, the animal rights activist, noted those that are not highly ranked will not be invited.

This will deny lesser known candidates the ability to effect a coup with witty responses to debate questions or other debate participants. Traditionally, the first debates offer these lesser known candidates the opportunity or at least the chance to become credible. The Trump will not only deny the likes of brash candidates to make an impact like Bobby Jindal, it also denies credible candidates that are lesser known like Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham’s positions are highly palatable to a national audience of both democrats and republicans. He is the candidate that democrats should fear, but super-democrat Donald Trump has that covered. This simply makes Donald Trump a political genius.