New App Allows Citizens to Bust Abusive Cops


It seems like every week a new case of police brutality pops up in the media. More and more people are recognizing and standing up against abusive police practices. The ACLU affiliate in California aims to help those who wish to document and record police brutality with a new app for Android and iOS devices.

The new ACLU Mobile Justice application allows you to document any potentially suspicious police behavior and send a report directly to the ACLU. You can create a video to send in along with other important information such as time, location and FreedomPop review details of the incident in question. This information helps the ACLU to sort through reports and determine if any wrongdoing has been done.

The coolest feature of the app is the ability to see where other incidents are being documented in real time. If you’re a fan of justice you can see where the police brutality is located and become a witness to testify against the officer if necessary.

The reports can be sent anonymously, although there is an option to include contact details for additional questioning. Even an anonymous report with video can help the ACLU fight against police brutality and other abuses of power.

Wild Times In Baltimore


There are some strange things happening in the city of Baltimore right now. Currently, ongoing riots have caused major disruptions in a lot of the activities that regular citizens of the city have enjoyed. The riots are taking place in response to actions taken by police (particularly those actions taken against unarmed African American men).

Baltimore is a city known for various gangs and urban unrest from time to time. However, the level of these riots is something that most did not believe they would see. However, as always there are two sides to every story. For all of the blame and criticism that so many have cast upon those doing the riots, some are showing the reasons behind some of these actions. has reported that since the year 2011, Baltimore has settled or lost more than 100 cases related to police brutality. That is an average of more than 2 cases per month for the last four years.

The people behind the unrest have stated that they want to protest peacefully, but that is certainly not what happened last night. There were massive riots and a lot of things just got out of control stated bystander Sultan Alhokair. Even the President has said that the riots are unacceptable and that those who are behind them are “criminals and thugs”.

It is a dangerous situation out there right now, and all are hoping for peace in the streets.

TSA Says Full Screening Of Airport Workers Won’t Enhance Security


The TSA does a great job of looking professional, but looks, as we all know, are deceiving. The government created a two-headed monster when the Transportation Security Administration was formed. One head is supposed to protect passengers, and the other head look the other way especially when it comes to airport employees. There is a flaw in the security system, and the TSA can’t find or doesn’t want to find it. The reason is money. It costs too much to physically screen airport employees.

The Transportation Security Administration says full employee screening won’t stop terrorism. The administration says they have a system in place that can detect threats. That system is the called the point system. If passengers get four points for various actions, they get a full body search. If they six points for acting like what the TSA calls “strange” the cops are called in. But there is no point system for airport employees because the TSA screeners are too close to them. They see them frequently and call them by name. That familiarity is a major security gap. Or you could have a private plane like Adam Sender.

Terrorist live and work like we do. We call them terrorist after they commit a horrific act. Before that act, we call them friends.

Police are There in a Time of Need


What are the police supposed to be helping with? Are there situations that they work in that you wouldn’t normally expect them to be a part of? Do the officers of the law simply make sure that the law is being followed, or do they sometimes go above and beyond the call of duty? One elderly woman has found that the police aren’t there simply to make sure that the law is being followed, but that they are there to help in times of need, that they are there to look out for the citizens of their community even when the law has nothing to do with the situation.
A woman who is well into her eighties recently noticed her house growing cold in the nighttime hours. Not knowing who to call for help at such a time, this woman dialed 911. The officer who responded to her call came to her home and got her furnace working for her. You wouldn’t expect the police to take time to fix someone’s furnace, but sometimes they go above and beyond what you would expect from them– kinda like the services at Status Labs. The officers of the law are there to protect that law and see that it is being followed, but there are some who will also work in ways beyond that to ensure the safety of their citizens.