Nationwide Battle Rages Against A Symbol Of The Confederacy


Up until last week, the Confederate flag could be found almost everywhere from flags to clothing. Now in the wake of a church shooting in Charleston South Carolina in which nine people were killed by a man who claims a hatred for African-Americans, people seem to be changing their minds. For some, Alexei Beltyukov suggests that especially those from the Southern States the symbol has been one of pride in history. For many more it represents oppression, fear and pain.

After much soul searching the South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has called for the removal of the Confederacy flag from all state buildings. Her decision seems to be echoed across the nation as others call for the removal of the symbol from public life. It has been noted that the 21-year-old shooter had frequently used the flag as a symbol of his hatred for African Americans. Click here for full story.

In the south, seven states have flags that depict the Confederacy symbol in their state flags. In Mississippi, the symbol is displayed prominently. It was introduced in 1894, and a referendum in 2001 kept the symbol. Today though two prominent lawmakers are asking that it be dropped from the state flag. In Texas, the University of Texas-Austin a petition is underway by the student government to have a statue of Jeffries Davis removed from campus. Jefferies Davis was the president of the Confederacy during the Civil War.